Tony Gonzalez to Buffalo? Or will he go farther East?

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Tony Gonzalez to Buffalo? Or will he go farther East?

Let The Bidding War Begin!

This is certainly premature, but Buffalo has allegedly offered a 3rd round pick for the services of Tony Gonzales.

Chris Brown (Bills Team Writer?) is reporting that the Bills have offered the requested 3rd round pick for Tony. The Giants have already offered a 6th round pick (The Chiefs requested a 3 rounder). Philly is apparently in the conversation, and the Giants have now allegedly made statements that go beyond their initial 6th round offering.

Brown is getting his information from, which is part of the network. So this information is still rather raw.

Buffalo has given a great deal of attention toward trying to find a capable TE, and the installation of Gonzalez, at 6'5" would make life a lot easier on Edwards. Production from the TE spot is needed to draw pressure away from Lee Evans. A #2 receiver has not emerged in Buffalo, partially due to the injury to Roscoe, and the slow development of Hardy.


This is just the beginning of the tale. I wonder if the bidding war will get too hot for the Bills?



  • NFL Network's Adam Schefter reports that Tony Gonzalez was unwilling to be traded to Buffalo or a possible deal would have happened.

  • I feel sorry for the it too much to ask to play a season or two of a great career for a winner?

  • Alas: Tony will remain a Chief!  :(

  • I think K c is in no hurry. They know they have a primo player and will let the teams bid away,

  • I think he goes to the Giants.

  • Thanks for the Update Tony! I'm a big Bills fan, and would like to see the deal happen for Buffalo, but I have rarely seen anyone eagerly packing thier bags for Buffalo. I think Jim Kelly cried when he finally came over!

  • Jay Glazer wrote this on the 10th

    Sounds plausible if it is possible....

    "The Giants are the perfect fit as they'd provide Eli Manning with one of the most reliable targets in the league. Between Gonzalez and Plaxico Burress, their red-zone threat would be downright scary. The Giants should take the second- and fifth-round picks they got for Jeremy Shockey's trade and offer them to the Chiefs for Gonzalez. Shockey for Gonzo? Who doesn't do that?"

  • It seems like the Giants could throw out a 4th or 5th rounder and then hand over Boss..........JMHO

  • Yes, KC is always slow in dealing with people!

    GF: Rumor was that the G-Men were moving their offer past the 6th rounder. I think they were going to come back with a better offer.

    I think the Giants will win this one, but Buffalo has tons of cap room, if I remember correctly.

  • Carl Peterson is going to be a pain in the ass for any GM to deal with. But then what's new!

  • Plus he wants to go to a winner.  I don't think Buff or Ari are anywhere near the NYG in terms of reaching the Super Bowl.

  • He's be in New York already, if the G-men would part with someting better than a 6 rd draft pick as a offer.....................................................

  • Word is in Kansas City he does not want to go to Buffalo.....FYI....Giants maybe if they offfer and also I hear the Cards have been contacted.....local sports talk radio sources....