Stan's Sharp Move for Saturday Dec 4th (7-5 so far)

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Pregame Blogs
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Stan's Sharp Move for Saturday Dec 4th (7-5 so far)

The following article is from Stan Sharp as told to (and posted by) a staff writer. We have convinced Stan to sit for an occassional interview that we'd convert into an article.

Stan Sharp took the time to discuss some of the Key Line Moves today. 

Wisconsin @ Hawaii

Opened -11.5 now  -12 & 12.5

Stan notes this game opened at -11.5 at the Greek and at Cris. Here in Vegas and offshore this game has been bet to -12 & 12.5. This is a move that Stan believes isn't done he expects this game to climb to -13 as the sharps are playing the Wisconsin side and for good reason. Hawaii will not be able to stop Wisconsin's offense. Last week they caught Navy off of a big win over Notre Dame and now playing 7 days later in sunny Hawaii. Wisconsin isn't here celebrating a win in their last game so they should be focused for a big effort. Stan's take the Wise Guys have spoken so you should listen and Play Wisconsin.  

Stan's Sharp Moves now 7- 5!!

Stan is releasing his College Football Game of the Year on Saturday this is his One and Only College 5* of the Year. Don't miss this winner on Saturday. 

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  • talk about line value,this pick was the defination of it.thank you stan,I admire what you do and how you do it

  • GOOD LUCK "stan the man" get it done !  

    is stan gonna do some damage @ the rhino if the big 1 cashes ...?? LOL

  • Great insight on this play Stan

    Good Luck with your Big Play today!!

  • just read this post and i totally agree with wisc even though hawaii ats record on the island the last 4 or 5 games of the year is really good.but that was then and this is now and right now hawaii ,this year is not a very good football years past hawaii actually beat wisc as a huge dog so i dont think wisc will be taking them as a easy win.wisc will run up the score in this one