The Top 5 Clutch Players Of All Time

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The Top 5 Clutch Players Of All Time


1- Michael Jordan

You can sum up MJ's clutch skills in two possessions. 1998 NBA Finals against the Utah Jazz everyone remembers the shot over Byron Russell that was a serial killer putting a dagger in the heart, but what I remember more was the steal of Karl Malone to get Jordan in position to make that shot. It is the little things that are the difference between a great player (see: Karl Malone) and a legendary players (see: Michael Jordan).

Being clutch is always about hitting the game winning shot. It is about making all the plays to get you in position to make that shot. No one was better than that than Michael Jordan. There has never been a better "serial killer" in the history of sports.

2- Joe Montana

Being clutch is also about being calm. So it is no wonder Montana got the name "Joe Cool". The famous story of him kidding about John Candy being in the stands as he prepared to take the 49ers down the field for the winning score in the Super Bowl against the Cincinnati Bengals is legendary.

The best players never get caught up in the moment they embrace it while others run from it. Montana was a classic case of the QB you want to be under center. You want your best players to play their best in the biggest games and that is the Super Bowl and there was no one better that Montana in those pressure moments.

3- Tiger Woods

You won't hear the words fear and golf often together, but mention Tiger Woods to anyone on the PGA Tour and you can see the fear in their eyes. How clutch is Tigger (yes I call him Tigger on purpose)? He won the freakin US Open on one leg. Just willed his way to a victory. How disheartening is that to his competitors that they can't even beat him while he is crippled?

I repeat how clutch is Tigger? He has never lost a final round lead ever!!!!!! Now that is clutch.

4- Kirk Gibson

Sometime Clutch is defined as a singular event and no clutch moment was bigger than Kirk Gibson pinch hit homer in the 1988. It wasn't that Gibson was just hurt. A lot of athletes have performed well while being hurt, but Gibson was crippled barely able to walk to the plate. Add on to the fact that he was facing the best closer in the game in Dennis Eckersley the chances of success where slim and none. It definitely a case of mind over matter Gibson hit the homer that by all accounts won the Series for the Dodgers. When one swing can win and entire series that's clutch.

5- Robert Horry

Sometimes you are just born clutch. Robert Horry was an ok NBA player. Just like a million other ok players in the league, but anytime someone says the name Robert Horry what do you think?


Didn't matter if it was with the Rockets, Lakers or Spurs when you needed a clutch bucket Big Shot Bob was there. Here is what was so cool about it. Almost all of his clutch shots where by accident. My favorite one is against the Sacramento Kings when Kobe missed a layup and the ball gets back tapped to a waiting Horry who just drains the 3.

Being Clutch was in his DNA from birth.

  • lamar mundane

  • Tiger is phenomenal don't get me wrong but clutch in my opinion would mean that he's come from behind to win which has has never won a major when not leading going into sunday  and you call that clutch .LOL.greatest golfer on the planet obv . but clutch ......You have to be able to win from behind not just front run  especially when you are the greatest.

  • on his own? you mean like Jordan? if ANYONE can claim Jordan would have won a title without Pippen and that supporting cast they need to stick to watching water polo.

    like i said, the hulkster should top this list anyways. also, doesn't elway have more comebacks than anyone in the history of the NFL?

  • Kobe does not belong on this list until he wins another championship ON HIS OWN.   He has lost the last two times he has played for a championship, both times in his prime.  That keeps him from this list in my opinion.  

    Meanwhile, LeBron is ONLY 24 years old and has already single-handedly carried his team to the NBA Finals once.  Kobe hasn't even done that, needing Shaq and Pau Gasol to get there (please note: I didn't put LeBron on this list).  

  • Martin Brodeur belongs here.  Greatest goaltender ever.  Without him, the Devils would be nothing.

  • On last thing..........golfs a pussy game  LOL

  • My 2 cents says that Tiger should not even be on a "clutch" list.  Yes, he is great in his sport and makes critical shots but unless you 5 to 11 other guys after you trying to f_ck up your performance, sticking their hands in your face, grabbing your legs, poking your eyes out, yelling at you, etc, then your not a clutch candidate.  Let's see how clutch Tiger would be if  a defensive lineman tackled him a few times in an afternoon, or if Shaq stood in fron of him when he was putting.  Yes, Tiger makes "clutch" shots just about ever tournament, but performing in the face of an enemy that's trying to physically impair you, now that's clutch.  Just my 2 cents

  • Matty, Kobe is a possible choice for this list. He is "mr. big shot". At least he does not choke on the line at the end like your boy lebron historically does. lebron has the pistons comeback on his resume to make up for all the choke jobs and implosions in important games late.

  • Joke of a list if you leave out the easy #1 choice, Hulk Hogan. How many times was the Hulkster down and out to only go into "Hulk Mode" and comeback in the clutch to take down the likes of Iron Sheik, Bob Orton or Paul Orndorff?

  • LMAO Matty!! Who do you despise more Kobe or A-roid?

    Stew- I agree, Tiger is right behind Jordan...Tiger is a freak, seriously, its unreal what he has accomplished already.

  • Jordan should be 1A and Tiger should be 1B. They are that close. Then Tiger would eventually  pass Jordan as he wins Major after Major.

  • Sampras didn't have one good rival during his career, which is unfortunate because we will never really know how he ranks historically other than the fact that he owns lots of records.

    I like the other recommendations though and am very happy not to see Kobe on this list :)

  • Great List...this is one of those topics that could be discussed and argued over for hours...How about Federer or Sampras...and even Jeff Gordon and Mayweather...VR

  • Where's Magic?

  • Awesome list.  As much as I disliked him when he played, I would probably add John Elway as well.