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It's a Chistmahanukah freebie from the Crowne Club.

They call this game the Hawaii Bowl, and one of the teams is Hawaii, which may, if you are clever, tell you a little something about the home edge in the game. My proprietary information sources tell me that very, very few students will be jumping in their cars and driving from South Bend to the Aloha Stadium (Don't you wish you had great informatioin sources like me?  That's what makes my packages so valuable.)

Hawaii will have the crowd. Under normal circumstances, Hawaii's edge would be huge. Nothing serves as a vacation reward for a season job well done more than a trip to the land of the Lei.  In the old days, the Hawaii coach would make sure to provide plenty of pretty young wahini's to hand out those lei's to the visitors, and make sure they got little sleep and plenty sunburned. Several years ago, the damned politically correct do-gooders ruined the times of wahini leis for the visitors, and the good old days are no more.

Further, 6-6 ND has nothing to be rewarded for this year, and my same proprietary sources tell me that the coaching staff is not in a rewarding mood.  Crowd or no crowd, ND is the better team, and they will be trying to salvage something to be proud about this season. Take Notre Dame -2 in the Bowl of the 50 percenters.


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  • I'll bet you also think potatoe is spelled without the "E."

    Can we compromise on Wahin "ie"?

    Last time I was in Hawaii, I got a lei from Wahoney who was a definite Whata Hienie!

    (Sung to the tune of "You say tomato and I say tomahto")

    You say potatoe, and I say potato

    You say wahine, and I say wahini

    Potatoe, Potato

    Wahini, Wahine

    Let's call it Wahinie.

    Why don't they write great lyrics like that anymore?

  • It's Wahin"E"....not wahin"i"