Handicappable propositions are some of the most profitable bets one can make.  The lines on proposition bets are set within general parameters for all teams, which gives the handicapper who calculates the specific odds for the teams in the matchup a huge edge.

The side and total in tonight's game is very difficult to pick.  The propostions, however, offer a great opportunity to make money on the game despite the difficulty in picking a winner or the final total.

Here are a few of the best propositions for the Patriot/Charger game tonight.

Patriots first score will be:
 TD          -155
Any other     +135

Take any other +135.  New England has scored 10 FG's vs. just 7 TD's so far this season.  The true odds favor a FG by -140.  You're getting +135 on what should be the favorite.  Grab it.  (WON)

Chargers first score will
TD -155.                                                                                                                                                              Any other +135

Take a TD -155.
SD has scored almost twice as many TD's as FG's this season.  The true odds are -190.  The -155 is a bargain. (LOST - SHOULD HAVE BEEN A WINNER.  THE TD PASS ON 3RD DOWN WAS DROPPED ON THE GOAL LINE FOR NO APPARENT REASON.  THE ENSUING FG WAS MADE.)

What will happen first to Philip Rivers?  Throw a TD or an Interception?
Throw a TD  -170.                                                                                                                                               Throw an interception +150

Take Rivers to throw a TD before an interception at  -170  
Rivers has thrown 11 TD's to just 4 interceptions in 5 games.  The true odds are -275.  Laying -170 is an incredible edge for the player.  (WON)

Who will throw the first TD?  Cassel or Rivers?
Rivers -130                                                                                                                                                       Cassel +110      
Take Rivers -130.        (WON)                                                                                                                        NE doesn't throw many TD's.  Cassel has just 3 TD's in 4 games compared to 11 in 5 games for Rivers.
The true odds are Rivers -290.  Taking Rivers -130 is the BEST BET of the night.

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(Edited after the game to enter the results)