It has come to my attention that many of you out there are becoming depraved because you're deprived.  We can't have all this depravity around here, so as cure for your deprivity,  er . . . . deprivation, I have the strongest play  we've had in the NFL so far this season.

As you may or may not know, the Crowne Club started as a group dedicated to sharing information.  We still help each other with information.  Tonight Cleveland Joe (no relation to that guy who does all the handicapping for Phil Steele) called to say "there's a hurricane going on at the Cleveland stadium " 

We checked the weather bureau, and Cleveland Joe is right!  The wind will be about 30 gusting as high as 60 mph.  That's tropical storm force bordering on hurricane force wind.  It won't be easy to kick or pass tonight.  The public does not seem to have caught on.  The line is still up at 43 1/2 in most places, although one or two of the wise guy books have lowered the line to 43 or 42 1/2, and the books in Cleveland, knowing what's going on, have taken the total off the board.  Take Cleveland UNDER whatever number you can find above 40.   

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