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Tonight the Yankees are on the road against Pittsburgh.  If you want to make money in the stock market, go with the Steelmen.  

The demand for steel from the developing nations in the Middle East, as well as China and India, and the demand for oil drilling rigs, has given the steel companies pricing power.  The recent price increase in steel should substantially increase the earnings of Pittsburgh-based US Steel (X).

Better yet, buy Nucor Steel with doesn't come from Pittsburgh but which currently represents a better value at only 14.5 times current earnings and 9.5 times predicted earnings for 2009 without taking into account more price increases.  Those low valuations still exist despite the fact that Nucor has doubled from its low in the past year.  I expect it to double again over he next 12-18 months.

Today's down market has taken Nucor (NUE) and US Steel (X) down with it providing an excellent buying opportunity.

If,on the other hand, you want to make money in the sports book, go against the Steelmen tonight and take the Yankees -140.   

The Pitcher for Pittsburgh, may be Malholm Boy, but Rob Crowne's Home Boy is Mussina for the Bronx Bombers.  Furrther, the Pirates are obviously confused.  Hasn't anybody told them in Pittshburgh that they're landlocked?  What does being a Pirate have to do with Steel, unless it's those Pirate cutlasses they're thinking of?  Expect the Yanks to take advantage of the Pirates' confusion and bomb 'em even in Pittsburgh.  

For those of you for whom the above brilliant reasoning just isn't enough, here are some numbers.  Mussina allows an average of just 3.33 runs on the road and 4.2 runs in Night games, compared to 3.6 runs per game allowed at home by Maholm and 4.6 runs in home games.

Those numbers don't represent huge differentials, but Mussina does have the edge.  Add to that a small hitting edge for the Yankees with an average of .270 on the road vs. lefties while the Pirates hit .263 at home vs. righties.  

The biggest edge for the Yankees, however, is in the bull pen.  The Yankees available bull pen is significantly better in both hits and walks per 9 and ERA.  

Take the Yankees -140 but don't pay up for it, and take Nucor up to $75 per share, but don't pay up for that either.

And if you want to double your money without waiting a year for Nucor to get there, then go to my Pick Page and click on my Best Baseball Play of the Day going off tonight.  The pick and analysis is just $15. 

DISCLOSURE:  At the time of this writing the author owns common stock and options in Nucor and has no position in US Steel.  The author has also previously bet the Yankees -140.   These stock and game selections and analyses are for educational purposes only, they have not been tailored to your individual situation or financial condition, they do not constitute investment recommendations or advice, and you are strongly cautioned to do your own analysis and seek advice from your own financial advisor before making any investment decisions.  All securities opinions are made without compensation of any kind.  

  • Int'l Conglomerates - with US Holdings in Malaysia like HPCL - based in Gulfton, TX - been around for 30+ yrs - they have offshore holdings and majority interests in 4 Indian and Bangladeshi arch weld pipe the person said - deliveryman, even Cramer is onto these guys ... Hydro-cell R & D has been in place for so long - retro-fitted to Natural Gas Model vehicles will quite possibly be the next Resource splinter area-  unparalleled growth is so inevitable - any type of buy in should be immensely lucrative - w/proper Mgmt, US-Based majority owners/mgmt.

    I know I made a pile in 98-00 in Int'l Trading - and got out JUST before the crash of all those High Yield / Higher Risk props went for that unprecedented tumble - post 911.  Oppenheimer almost lost their entire Emerging Int'l Investment Division - then rebounded with the emergence of the Int'l Debt market options - not hurting again, with tables turning once again...hard to keep up with but like anything - Risk=Reward....HIGH Risk , etc.

    I agree it's a bit dicey....yet I worked for E. Jones form 97 thru 02, and with the right planning - you can really hit big....we always called it the ol':

    "In and Out ......No One Get's Hurt"  Investments....

    Not for the faint of heart - and not for those with out the ability to sustain occasional losses in order to sustain and accept all the big hitters when they roll in.

  • The future is offshore drilling, Cramer said. He said that politicians have blocked offshore drilling because historically it has polluted the coastlines. He said technological advancements have made drilling much cleaner in recent years.


    "The stocks in play are cheaper, but the businesses are doing better," Cramer said. He said that he's been pointing viewers to cleaner-energy stocks for a while now. "Return to the long-term themes that are working when the market takes a huge hit like the one it took today," he said.

    "You can buy good stocks for less money," Cramer said. "Tonight, our clean-drilling technology is drilling fluids. These fluids are the lifeblood of drilling." He said the fluids cool and lubricate drill bits and keep drill holes stable.

    On that point, Cramer recommended Smith International(SII - Cramer's Take - Stockpickr) as a drilling-fluid play.

    He said the fluids are profitable to sell and have been successful in highly regulated areas like Europe. He said Smith and two other companies make up a drilling fluid oligopoly, making the stock more attractive.

    The company has also issued a 15-million buyback authorization, Cramer said, which means it's a great stock. "If you buy it now, you're getting it for less than you would have two days ago," Cramer said. He said the company is "thrice blessed," and part of one of the few bull markets

  • Rob,

    I was a member of the PLus 10 Club for years...left it because you were only picking 1-2 times a week. I learned a lot from you about gambling...thanks. I kept track for over 6 months once, of all the cappers on the club and you were the only capper that had picks the majority of the days to have more than a 55% success rate.

    We talked several times on the phone....won one of your little contests....the one that wanted the name of the head of one the African nations....can't remember which one now.  

    Like I said, good to see you posting more. Yes the freebies are nice, but not necessary.

  • Wall Street to begin July on shaky ground- AP

    The year is nearly halfway over, and Wall Street appears to be on even shakier ground than when it began 2008. And this shortened week ahead of the Fourth of July holiday is unlikely to bring the market enough proof that the economic climate is improving.

  • july 2 be very shaky and no fed help .....hold on ....put that seat belt on for the ride down!

  • To Stevebeav -- Be careful.  Those barely emerging markets like Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh and most of SE Asia are extremely risky.  There is little regulation, and you are the outsider looking in.   All the other guys are buddies and regulars at the game.   You're the sucker at the table. You could be right on the fundamentals and still have the gold fillings stolen out of your teeth.  

    For most Americans, playing in those markets is like coming to the OK Corral with a water pistol.  You're going to get shot.  Why do it?  The potential returns are huge for Natural Gas companies in the U.S, where there is a great deal more safety.  

    Why bother to risk trades in places like Malaysia when you can double your money buying Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy (CHK) right here on Wall Street and right along with their CEO, Aubrey Mclendon, with much less risk?  I own more CHK than I do Nucor based on the tens of milions of dollars of stock purchased in the last few months on the open market by the CEO with his own money and at prices near the current level.  He publicly announced about two weeks ago that he believed the stock was going to 100 and the reasons why.  The announcement was likely made just so he could continue to buy without worrying about being accused of insider trading.  Insider buying of this magnitude is very rare.  Think the man knows something?  If you look at his history of trades in his own company's stock he has been 100% correct.  That's right, he's never been wrong.  This is the largest buy cumulative buy he's ever transacted, and I'm betting this isn't likely to the first time he's wrong.

    Now go try to find out what the Insiders are doing in Indonesia or Malaysia or Bangladesh, and while you're at it, beware of the lead paint and poisoned dog food.

  • To DMMan

    Thanks.  I'll try to post more and hand out more freebies too.  

    To everybody else -- See how easy it is to get more freebies?  All you have to do is flatter me :-)

  • Hey, I like this thread!

    BTW, hearing the movers in next sev qtrs will be all Natural Gas Co's w/ Holdings in India, Asia (Malaysia, Bangladesh, Indonesia, ect) such as

    Chennai Petrol, Bharat, many many others can be located - & many solid conglomerates in the 50 - 150 price range that have tremendous Value - two in particular with enough research will be a sure-fire investment that has unlimited assurance and potential for 70% multi-qtr growth....and just virtually zero downside - with the growing speculation about the inevitable dramatic drop coming for the Big Three - may not happen but the forecast has 'fueled' the mad dash for Nat Gas and Hydro Cell production.

    half doz co's that manufacture submerged / arc welded pipes / saw materials and labor rel. to the Hydro Cell, Nat. Gas exploration / R&D, maufac., in SE Asia, India, ect also unlimited upside....HPCL, Egyptian Cos, Engineers India, ect - HUGE HUGE value.

    Also, Reliance - rumor about Hyundai merge w/ Rolls Royce, and all subsid's possible large scale production of the Hydro Cell fleet units - high yield gains are feasible!  Bought much Reliance holdings in last 6 days - might turn it Wed after it bumps this week - oughta clear a nice Month's worth of Margin on 10 day holding!

    have a great week - everyone.

  • just bought some Nucor last week..........its up 700% since 2000 and outlook good due to foreign markets.......going to buy some options as soon as my paperwork gets processed

  • To Stocks and Bonds -- For the boom in infrastructure commodities such as steel to falter and for those commodities to plunge, we would need a world-wide recession.  Materials such as copper, iron ore, coal and steel will be in huge demand no matter what happens to the economy in the US.  The entire US economy and markets could tank, but it won't happen until 98% of all investors think it won't, and for now too many people are just as pessimistic as you seem to be which leaves lots of money on the sidelines waiting to BUY, BUY, BUY at the next sign of an upside panic or that the economy might not be as bad as predicted.  Much of what you are predicting is already discounted in the market.

  • Good to hear from my favorite capper....Rob, please post more and hand out freebies......

  • Ignores falling dollar. Ignore budget deficit. Ignore credit crisis. Ignore oil. Ignore trade imbalance. Ignore manufacturing. Ignore China. Ignore middle/consumer class stagnation.

    It's like GWB believes in "Don't Worry, Be Happy," just smile and think happy thoughts and things will turn out A-OK.

    No wonder New Orleans-Katrina was fubar and folks where so PO'd.

  • The markets are well on the way for a complete capitulation, but not until mid October. Never in modern history have we been in a more perfect storm for a market capitulation, we will see lows that will be unreal....Save your cash....Smile, lean back, don't buy and think you are getting the bottom....You will lose money over and over doing this.

    Our economy will see it worst days down the road, the consumer will quit spending, quit great big mess....

    CASH>>>>CASH......We will see bounces like yesterday, that's all they will be is bounces.

    Not doom and gloom, it's the reality of what a mess we are in.