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  • Blog Post: Tiger Woods: Pictures of Young Neighbor Raychel Coudriet

    Raychel Coudriet, the now 22 year-old neighbor of Tiger Woods, slept with him acoording to many news stories. She was furious as the degree of Tiger's cheating was revealed over the last few months. The Enquirer claims Woods and Raychel Coudriet made out within sight of his house wile wife Elin was...
  • Blog Post: Tiger Woods Masters Betting Odds & Props

    Soon it will be about PGA golf. The Masters. After months of mistresses with names like Joslyn James, Mindy Lawton, and Devon – Vanity Fair interviews and dirty text messages . . . now we can talk Tiger Woods odds and betting props for the 2010 Masters . 91% chance Tiger Woods will make the cut. 70%...
  • Blog Post: Tiger Woods Masters Odds 2010 (Round 1 Update)

    Round One of the Masters Golf Tournament 2010 is complete, and Tiger Woods is on the leaderboard after a first round 68 (-4). That’s two shots behind Fred Couples. Entering into the 2010 Masters, Tiger Woods was the favorite at 4 to 1 betting odds . After Round One, the updated odds are 3 to 1 (25% chance...
  • Blog Post: Earl Woods, Tiger Woods New Nike Commercial (Video)

    Tiger Woods late father, Earl Woods, is included in the new Nike commercial. What do you think?
  • Blog Post: 2010 PGA Championship Betting Odds - Tiger Woods NOT the Favorite!

    The final 2010 golf Major starts on Thursday - and we have the PGA Championship betting odds. For the first time in a long time, Tiger Woods is not the Las Vegas favorite in a Major he's playing. 2010 PGA Championship Betting Odds Phil Mickelson: 14 to 1 Tiger Woods: 17 to 1 (less than a 6% chance...