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  • Blog Post: Big Money UNDEFEATED in Accused Ref's Games

    Statistics indicate that NBA Referee Scott Foster Affected Games Las Vegas, Nevada (7/15/08) News reports have revealed that NBA referee Scott Foster was involved in over 130 suspicious phone calls with disgraced ref Tim Donaghy. An examination by RJ Bell of of betting patterns in Scott Fosters...
  • Blog Post: PRESS: Pregame and RJ Bell on

    On Friday, May 30, 2008, Pregame and RJ Bell were quoted in a CNBC article about L.A. Lakers back up guard Sasha Vujacic's last-minute shot at the end of their series with the Spurs swinging $100 million dollars in bets. To read the full article, click here .
  • Blog Post: NBA Finals Schedule 2010

    The 2010 NBA Finals schedule has been finalized. The Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns winner will have home court advantage, and will face the Boston Celtics in the 2010 NBA Finals. 2010 NBA Finals Schedule: Thursday: at L.A. Lakers/Phoenix, 9 p.m. Sunday June 6: at L.A. Lakers/Phoenix, 8 p.m. Tuesday...
  • Blog Post: NBA Insider Report: Sunday March 30, 2008

    Now, the Warriors' top two captains are calling for help. "We got to get somebody that you don't expect up some nights," Jackson stressed after Golden State's loss to the Nuggets on Saturday. "Teams are really on our guys. They want to take away my quick three-pointers. .....
  • Blog Post: The Running Phoenix Suns: Steve Nash Consideration

    The Phoenix Suns have had a record breaking offensive since the promotion of new coach Alvin Gentry, scoring 140 points for the third straight game on Friday. The coach has said the loss of Amare Stoudemire for the season might lead the team to go even smaller, and thus looking to run even more. Coach...
  • Blog Post: Internet is Buzzing with Talk of Vegas-Runner

    Recently I did a post on amazing win steak odds & the definition of average which discussed what an average bettor should expect, and explains how rare big winning is. Vegas-Runner is a Pregame Pro with a unique background: Betting since the 5th grade, Vegas-Runner made his bones in Philly, learning...
  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Charles Barkey Tricked Into Calling Himself "Dumb Ass"

  • Blog Post: Rick Barry Talks Crazy (Honest?) on Warriors Broadcast

    On Wednesday night the Golden States Warriors honored legend Rick Barry. When Barry took the mic in the 3rd quarter, he started dropping his old school opinion. Rick Barry Comments: * he wonders how Biedrins “can live with himself,” * players today travel every time they touch the ball * Curry’s an ok...
  • Blog Post: Vegas Take on Lakers Loss to Cavs

    Las Vegas, Nevada (2/17/2011) – The Lakers lost a shocking game to the Cavs last night, and RJ Bell of breaks it down from the Las Vegas perspective. Lakers were 11.5-point favorites at Cleveland. NBA teams have been favored by 11.5-points or more 52 times this season, winning 47 and losing...
  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Ric Flair and the New Orleans Hornets

    "Woooooooooo" That's what the Hornets' PA announcer says every time Chris Paul scores, or assists, or makes some other nice play, and then the crowd follows it up with one of their own. Coincidence? No way! It's Ric Flair. Here's the video of recently retired professional...
  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Andrew Bogut High Fiving Himself

  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Top 10 Dirty Plays of All-Time

  • Blog Post: Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders: Racy Pics Inside

  • Blog Post: PRESS: Pregame mentioned in Las Vegas newspapers

    On Friday May 23, 2008, was featured in both the Las Vegas Sun and Las Vegas Review-Journal newspapers covering the NBA referee scandal involving Tim Donaghy. To see the Las Vegas Review Journal article, click here . To see the Las Vegas Sun article, click here .
  • Blog Post: Paul Pierce on Twitter: "Anybody got a BROOM?" [Original Screenshot]

    After the Celtics beat the Magic in game 2, the trash-talking tweet: "Anybody got a BROOM?" was sent on Paul Pierce’s twitter account . Pierce denies making the tweet, claiming the account was hacked. All evidence has been deleted from Paul Pierce's Twitter account. But, through the power...
  • Blog Post: Gregg Popovich Rips Pau Gasol Trade

    (from Larry Brown Sports) It was only a matter of time before someone said what everyone was thinking the Lakers ripped the Grizzlies off. They acquired a premium player like Pau Gasol, who pretty much single-handedly got the Grizzlies into the playoffs a few times, for the likes of nearly nothing. Kwame...
  • Blog Post: Picture of Michael Jordan Practicing with Bobcats!

    Michael Jordan practiced with the Charlotte Bobcats today. Here's a picture of Jordan at practice: CONVERSATION: Would you be excited if Micheal Jordan attempted a comeback with the Bobcats?
  • Blog Post: Top 10 Biggest Gambling Scandals of All-Time

    With seemingly never-ending revelations in the Tim Donaghy betting scandal , it's important to gain perspective on just how big this story is relative to the biggest gambling scandals of all-time. Top 5 Game-Fixing Related Betting Scandals: 5) Connie Hawkins (1959-61) Thirty-seven players from 22...
  • Blog Post: Yahoo's Marc Spears Talks NBA Playoffs (Betting Dork Podcast)

    NBA expert Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports is welcomed back to the Betting Dork podcast, covering all things NBA, including Marc's free picks to move forward in the 2010 Playoffs and the one NBA Conspiracy Theory that he's willing to believe. >>> CLICK to listen to Yahoo's Marc Spears...
  • Blog Post: New Math Supports NBA in Game 7 Scandal

    Updated Math Refutes Donaghys Claim Las Vegas, Nevada (6/17/08) Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy has accused the NBA of manipulation of game results; the NBA has denied the charge. Recently, RJ Bell of released statistics making the case that there has been an abnormal number of Game 7s...
  • Blog Post: PRESS: Pregame on Mike & Mike

    On Tuesday, May 20 the Mike & Mike Show featured reporting on the Tim Donaghy scandal. Mike and Mike, on ESPN national radio, is one of the highest rated sports radio shows in the world - and is broadcast live on ESPN2. To listen to audio of this show, right-click here and choose...
  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Amazing Behind-the-Back Kobe Pass

  • Blog Post: Dwight Howard Superman Dunk > Video Inside

    Double-click the PLAY BUTTON below:
  • Blog Post: NBA First Team: Who Could Be Replaced?

    1st Team 2007/08: Kobe Bryant Chris Paul Kevin Garnett Lebron James Dwight Howard Question to comment on: Who could reasonably be replaced on this team? 2nd Team: Amare Stoudemire Steve Nash Tim Duncan Deron Williams Dirk Nowwitzki If I had to replace one, it'd be Duncan for Howard. Comment on...
  • Blog Post: VIDEO: Kobe Bryant WOW Dunk