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Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!
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  • Blog Post: 50% of Black Teen Girls have Sexually Transmitted Disease!

    Wow! Stunning number. The STD rate is 20% for whites and Hispanics teens (which still is high) . . . read the whole story from Associated Press. Does this surprise you?
  • Blog Post: Don Mattingly's Wife!

  • Blog Post: PIC: Do They Really Make Pants This Size?

    A passenger waits for a delayed flight at Heathrow airport's terminal four in London August 12, 2006.
  • Blog Post: Love 10 Years Later (inside)

  • Blog Post: NBA Insider Report: Sunday March 30, 2008

    Now, the Warriors' top two captains are calling for help. "We got to get somebody that you don't expect up some nights," Jackson stressed after Golden State's loss to the Nuggets on Saturday. "Teams are really on our guys. They want to take away my quick three-pointers. .....
  • Blog Post: First picture posted on the Pregame Blogs

    The web is about multi-media . . . and the Pregame Blogs will be filled with pics and video.
  • Blog Post: Court overturns Texas ban on sex toys

    from AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF A federal appeals court has struck down a Texas law that makes it a crime to promote or sell sex toys. "Whatever one might think or believe about the use of these devices," said an opinion written by Justice Thomas M. Reavley of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court...
  • Blog Post: Internet is Buzzing with Talk of Vegas-Runner

    Recently I did a post on amazing win steak odds & the definition of average which discussed what an average bettor should expect, and explains how rare big winning is. Vegas-Runner is a Pregame Pro with a unique background: Betting since the 5th grade, Vegas-Runner made his bones in Philly, learning...
  • Blog Post: 10 bold predictions for the NFL offseason (from Sporting News)

    Fret not, football fans. Sure, the games are over but the NFL now is a year-round pastime. There's almost as much intrigue from February to June as there is from July to January. Here are ten things that could happen in the coming months: 1. Defensive linemen will cash in The success of the New...
  • Blog Post: Sacramento Kings Cheerleaders: Racy Pics Inside

  • Blog Post: Kirby Puckett on Steroids?

    Bill James, a leading baseball stats guy, speculates in his 2008 book about Kirby Puckett and the Twins championship teams in regards to steroid use. Quote from James: "Two of the greatest home run under-producers of all time were teammates: Kirby Puckett and Gary Gaetti in 1984. Puckett hit no...
  • Blog Post: Consideration for Kansas Backers on Saturday

    Kansas plays UNLV on Saturday in the 2 nd round of the NCAA Tournament. One factor to consider is that Kansas St plays the other game on that same ticket. Keep in mind that in the NCAA Tournament, typically two games (4 teams) are on the same ticket, and an advantage can be gained if you can predict...
  • Blog Post: Gregg Popovich Rips Pau Gasol Trade

    (from Larry Brown Sports) It was only a matter of time before someone said what everyone was thinking the Lakers ripped the Grizzlies off. They acquired a premium player like Pau Gasol, who pretty much single-handedly got the Grizzlies into the playoffs a few times, for the likes of nearly nothing. Kwame...
  • Blog Post: SI Swimsuit Cover: Thoughts?

  • Blog Post: TIME MACHINE: Calipari dismisses free throw woes

    from March 19, 2008 (USA Today) Excerpts ( read full story ) John Calipari says: Chill (about free throws) "We've been about the same for three years. What has been our record for three years?" he says. (Answer: 99-9.) "It's something I don't spend a lot of time with."
  • Blog Post: Vegas Nightclub Doormen Making $500k a Year!

    I'm sure lot's of us are wondering if going to college really made sense!
  • Blog Post: 1st post EVER on the new Pregame Blogs

    Not exactly Neil Armstrong on the moon, but this is very exciting! The purpose of the Pregame Blogs is to provide expert insights from, and conversations with, a wide-range of leading sports bettors. Get ready for a hell of a ride!
  • Blog Post: Pics Of Eliot Spitzer's Hooker (inside)

    Meet "Kristen," the high-priced hooker who trysted with Eliot "Client-9" Spitzer last month at that Washington, D.C. hotel. The 22-year-old prostitute's real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre (though she was born Ashley Youmans), according to a New York Times report. Below you'll...
  • Blog Post: Red Sox Fans Send Yankee Fan to Hospital

    (from the web) Cambridge - The official start to the 2008 baseball season is about a month away, but the age-old rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox is already getting ugly. A group of men some with Irish accents beat up a 23-year-old Cambridge man and sent him to the hospital after they spotted...
  • Blog Post: How Far Has Florida St Football Fallen?

    FSU serves up cupcakes, walks away from a fight (pulled from FanBlogs) To the Seminole nation - this is going to sting a little. In light of the suspensions from last season's cheating scandal, FSU has altered its schedule and will play two DI-AA teams in the same season for the first time since...
  • Blog Post: Which One of These Honest Valentine's Cards Are Best?

  • Blog Post: Insightful Quote from Barry Bonds

    During a Grand Jury testimony, a juror asked about Greg Anderson, the athlete's beleaguered friend and trainer. "With all the money you make, have you ever thought of maybe building him a mansion or something?" Bonds replied, "One, I'm black. And I'm keeping my money. And...
  • Blog Post: Great Pic for Clinton Haters

  • Blog Post: "Mary Ann" from Gilligan's Island - BUSTED!

    This undated photo, supplied by the Teton County Sheriff's Department, shows Dawn Wells, the actress who played 'Mary Ann' on Gilligan's Island, who was sentenced Feb. 29, 2008, to five days in jail, fined $410.50 and placed on probation in Idaho after pleading guilty to one count of...
  • Blog Post: BIGGEST Gambling Wins in History

    Here are the details of some of the biggest wins by players over the house: Event: Super Bowl 20 (1986) Prop bet: Would William The Refrigerator Perry score a touchdown? Odds: Opened at 20-1 . . . closed all the way down to 2-1 Result: He scored a TD in the 3 rd quarter. Vegas loss: Some estimate upwards...