O.J. Simpson NOT Beaten in Prison (Real Story)

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O.J. Simpson NOT Beaten in Prison (Real Story)

Reports where widespread recently that O.J. Simpson was beaten Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada prison in racially motivated incident - including details like "bloody pulp" and three weeks in the prison infirmary. Simpon has now reportedly "laughed his ass off" the supposed attack from skinheads, confirming there's no truth to the story.

Gambling connection: I won a bet from a friend way back when that O.J. would be found not guilty.

CONVERSATION: What was your true emotion when you first heard O.J had been beaten?

  • I also won $500 when he was found Not Guilty; the deciding factor was a TV show where one of the Jurors that was kicked out for misconduct found his way on this TV trash show. Young black man, he actually dressed very nice, well-spoken, and his closing words at the end of the TV show was something like:" Yes, this Jury WILL not be hung; they WILL reach a verdict". Everyone kept badgering him what his prediction was and he said that he was NOT going to elaborate. Coming from the WASH. D.C. area during my childhood, I knew what that meant. The "payback" as perceived by the African-American "Community" was an end to justify those means. Look at Ferguson, Missouri today. Things were so bad in this OJ case, we were given a "directive" at work NOT to ever discuss in any way the OJ case. There were GIRLS fist-fighting at work, secretaries vs. drivers, office support staff, etc. I moved to CA in the middle of that OJ mess, and there was a fight between a white girl and black girl at the now-defunct comedy club "Igby's: in Los Angeles because the white girl told a real good OJ joke.

    For those of you that have your heads stuck in the time-capsuled sands of the 1940's anywhere America: there IS a severe racial divide that is showing no signs of improving anytime soon. There is one side that is far more culpable than the other, I will let everyone figure it out for themselves.

  • Maybe the only time in my life I would have congratulated a bunch of skinheads for a racially motivated beating.  When you murder two people you deserve an ass whoopin'

  • I just got off a jury if it wasn't for a guy like me with half a brain he would have gotten off.  After that I cannot believe anyone is found guilty.  Now that I have seen a jury up close I see why he got off.  The general public is a DOZEN of dip shits.

  • Did you know that the defense team of OJ brought in a botanist to prove that OJ didn't do it?  The police said they found blood droplets on a plant outside of the Simpson residence.  The botanist expert said that that type of plant rolls it leaves over at night and therefore couldn't have had the blood where the police say they found it.  The defense team used that to say reaffirm their theory that the police were setting Orenthal up.  Moral of the story:  Botany experts don't come cheap but either does your freedom when you are murderer.  If you have the money to pay the experts you can sway your jury.  Better watch your ass Nordberg!!!!

  • Pay back is a Bitch.

  • It's a shame, he should get his ass kicked every day, he is a low-life murderer scumbag.  His achievements prior to his murders are meaningless.  He should endure the torments of Hell for eternity.  God bless his victims and their families.

  • Is that Nicole Kidman behind him? She looks wasted. BTW OJ would get his old ass kicked

  • Amazing thing when I was 15-18 years old he was my idol. The high school football team I played on called me OJ, And OJ was printed on my jersey.

  • People get their ass whooped every day in jail, most of the time with good reason.  There are a few innocent victims of violence, who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I'm just saying most the time it's, someone popping off at the mouth, owes somebody some money, gang related, sexual offenders, snitches, ect.  OJ wouldn't stand a chance against a convict that's been in the joint for a while working out.  I guarantee somebody is extorting the hell out of him....

  • I was surprised that O.J didn't kick some ass - then I got sad that he was so old.