Cleveland Cavilers Losing Streak - Betting Odds

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Cleveland Cavilers Losing Streak - Betting Odds

Sports betting odds around the Cleveland Cavilers historic 26 game NBA losing streak from RJ Bell of . . .

Odds of losing 26 straight if Cavs had a 50% chance to win each game:
Over 67 million to 1

Odds of actually losing 26 straight, considering Vegas odds on each game:
261 to 1

Favorites in 3 games by a total of 5.5 points
Underdogs in 23 games by a total of 258 points

Double-digit underdogs 12 times
Biggest underdog: +18 (at Magic on 1/30/11)

Average pointspread: 9.7-point underdogs.
Average chance to win each game: 17.5%

CONVERSATION: As a handicapper, do you think these currently value playing ON the Cleveland Cavs?

  • Great post you'll see in the thread I called this one tonight!  Cabs shot 50% from the field and now have done that 5 of last 8 home really was the "perfect storm" for them to win tonight...the best part about this win tonight....a month ago I would have been all over clippers...Pregame forums are unbelievable and the sources of info are unlimited...has made me step up my analysis on games and try to provide valuable posts as well.

  • I heard Dan Patrick talking about these ODDS today, but he gave no love to

  • Cavs up to +4.5 in some spots.

  • +3.5 tonight hosting Clippers (

  • 8 covers ATS

    Dallas, Memphis, NJ, Chicago (twice), Indiana, Orlando, Phoenix

  • How many game in this 26 game losing streak did the cover ATS??

  • I'm a big Spurs organization fan . . . but I don't think there's too much value fading the Cavs.

  • As anything its super situational. I had detroit  last night. Look they were coming off a road trip where they almost beat the mighty Mavs and at home vs another bad team, so the story in the press was all about "This is the game where the streak gets snapped!!!" So an easy fade for me.

    But when they are playing against an elite team and getting a ton of points, I think there's some value. As the bad press + general public willingness to bet a favorite is a great spot to back them. I tried vs Mia with this Cavs team and lost, but I'm sure I'll be back to the well in a week or 2.

    They are 19-32-2 ATS. They will cover a bunch of spreads in the second half. As far as betting them to actually win SU......not something I'd endorse

  • P.S. My bad. It is correct prop except it should read Cleveland Losses -2

    San Antonio Wins +2


  • RJ- Do you have a opinion on this prop?

        Which number will be higher?

        Cleveland Cavs Losses  +2 (-115)

        San Antonio Spurs Wins -2 (-115)

    Nice blog!


  • Typically I like to play on a team getting tons of bad press, but the negative emotions around this streak makes me want to stay away.