National Anthem Prop – Who Won?

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National Anthem Prop – Who Won?

Christina Aguilera famously flubbed the Super Bowl XLV National Anthem, but what did it mean to prop bettors?

* The average over/under time posted for the Anthem was 1:54. So most bet either OVER or UNDER that time.

* Internet posters at home timing the performance almost all report being very close to a time of 1:54.

* HEAVY action came in on the OVER, meaning the sportsbooks do much better financially if the time is graded UNDER.

* As you might guess, a majority of sportsbooks are grading the event UNDER – with some calling it a TIE (all money returned), and a some even grading OVER. And as you might also guess, no one who lost is happy!

* In Nevada, you can only bet on an event a) decided on the field; b) with results able to be determined by a standard boxscore of the game. Props like the length of the National Anthem are NOT able to be bet in Nevada, only with online sportsbooks. Nevada wants to avoid the uncertainty of grading events not decided in the boxscore – an uncertainty clearly on display in this case.

* A majority of observers seem to believe that Aguilera’s flub DECREASED the time of the Anthem – so not only are they upset at her messing up a sacred song, but they lost money because of her mistake!

* The over/under for how long Aguilera would hold the final note of the song (“brave”) was set at 6 seconds. The actual time was clocked at 11 seconds. If she had held the note anywhere near the expected time, the over/under for the entire song would have clearly been UNDER.

 What do you think about the way this is being handled by the online sportsbooks?

  • How do I think online sportsbooks handle it?  Same way they always their favor or make it a push.....this is EXACTLY why I never bt stuff not determined by the game or players.....for real money anyway.

  • What price did you have to lay over 1:52?

  • RJ - Made the bet with a local as over 1:52.  He then made a 5 cent bet at Bodog where he received the line 1:54 to try to learn how it was graded.  He lost his bet on Bodog, so they ruled in the 153.5 neighborhood.  He then honored my bet at over 1:52 as a winner and paid me.

  • REPLY REQUEST: If you made this bet, please tell us the book and how it was graded . . .

  • This reporting carried by

  • David, any other thoughts there my friend??  Shew, talk about being blunt . . .

  • I had the under 1:57 at BETUS.........

    also had Orange Gatorade.........LOL

  • i took the under 1:57 at betus, so i had no problem with her screwup

  • They must have just decided to pay both sides.  Why would they pay both sides instead of saying it was a push??  I was just talking to them and that is not what they were saying at all.  I'm not complaining though!

  • paid out both sides.

  • graded mine as under 1:54 but I talked to them and they said they would pay out my bet :)  If they grade yours as a loss, just give them hell!

  • The fix was in would be my guess.  Vegas was happy to push this with all the over action placed on it.

  • This story is blowing up fast - I did an on-air phone interview with ESPN's FIRST TAKE on this issue Monday morning at 10:30 et.