$11 Billion Lost on Super Bowl Betting!

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$11 Billion Lost on Super Bowl Betting!

Las Vegas, Nevada (February 2, 2011) – Las Vegas began accounting for Super Bowl action separately exactly 20 years ago. RJ Bell of Pregame.com reports . . .

* Vegas has won money on 18 of the last 20 Super Bowls - the exceptions being 2008 (Giants vs. Pats) and 1995 (49ers vs. Chargers).

* Over $114 Million – that’s the net amount players have lost to Vegas on Super Bowl betting alone the last 20 years.

* Over $11 Billion – that’s the estimated net amount players have lost WORLDWIDE on Super Bowl betting alone the last 20 years. Note that studies approximate that Las Vegas handles only 1% of the overall Super Bowl action.

RJ Bell of Pregame.com said: “More than half of adult Americans are expected to have some money at risk on Super Bowl XLV. It’s vital for novices to risk no more than a recreational amount since the bookie’s edge famously is difficult to overcome.”

Super Bowl XLV is expected to be the biggest bet Super Bowl EVER, with over $10 Billion riding on the game worldwide. This would be the largest bet single-day sporting event in history.

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  • This Pregame.com reporting featured by NBC Sports: http://bit.ly/gynrvw

  • Just to correct and add to my previous comment.

    I lost $880 on Pittsburgh -4.5, forgot the vig.  Also, our seats were on the 40 yard line and about 15 rows up from the field, not bad for a total price of $700 or $750 complete package.  Wow I had just turned 26 years old then, where have the years gone?

  • I was at the following described Superbowl and yes I lost $800 on Pittsburg -4.5, but being at that Superbowl and in Miami for 4 days made up for it.  My friend and I bought a Superbowl package from a guy who won it in a raffle, and we paid $700 or $750 for two Superbowl tickets, Airfare, Friday thru Sunday hotel room and a rented car, all included, unbelievable!

    Black Sunday: Super Bowl XIII

    Posted by: BetRepublic

    Thursday, 22nd Jan 20097405 views

    By Greg Dempson

    Black Sunday

    The worst Super Bowl disaster for sports books was the game played at the end of the 1978 season. It was Super Bowl XIII, featuring the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. The game opened with Pittsburgh as a 3½ point favorite. Heavy dollars came in on the Steelers and the line moved up to 4 and then to – 4½ as the week progressed.

    The game ended with the Steelers winning by exactly 4 points, 35 – 31. The books got “middled” as all the Pittsburgh bets at -3½ points won, the folks that took the dog or favorite at – or + 4 points pushed and the Dallas backers getting + 4½ points also covered. So much money came in on Dallas at + 4½ the line moved back to (and closed at) – 4.

    That Super Bowl is still referred to as Black Sunday as the Nevada sports books lost millions of dollars. Sports books and local bookies are very reluctant to post odds that would cross key numbers. In this modern era Super Bowl line movement when pertaining to key numbers such as 3, 7 and 10 will rarely occur.

  • Fox Sports' Ben Maller featured this Pregame.com reporting: http://bit.ly/hGSC9L

  • Yup it's Feast or Famine when the Super Bowl rolls around for the local bookie joints around here, the day after, depending upon how equal the betting  action was...