Super Bowl XLV Lines: Projected for All Possible Match-Ups

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Super Bowl XLV Lines: Projected for All Possible Match-Ups

Projected Super Bowl XLV lines:
Packers -1.5 over Steelers (42% likely match-up)
Packers -2.5 over Jets (23% likely match-up)
Steelers -5.5 over Bears (23% likely match-up)
Jets -4.5 over Bears (12% likely match-up)

Early Super Bowl Line: AFC -1 over NFC

Tell us in the comment section . . . any of these point spreads look wrong to you? What side would you like best?

Bonus for math geeks:

Line from NFC view Match-up % weighted line
Packers -1.5  Steelers 0.42 -0.63
Packers -2.5  Jets 0.23 -0.575
Steelers 5.5  Bears 0.23 1.265
Jets 4.5  Bears 0.12 0.54

So, considering AFC is -1 is many spots, and PK in other spots, the projected lines weighted for the likelihood of the match-up coming out to +.6 for NFC seems RIGHT ON!

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  • I would like to see the Green Bay Packers play The New York Jets. Then, I would wager a substantial amount on the Green Bay Packers minus 2 1/2. I'd love to see Dom Capers prepare a gameplan to stop the Jets. By the time the Jets figured out how to adjust, it would be pre-season again! Enjoy the games RJ and thank you, and the family for this wonderful opportinity to belong to a community whereby everyone teaches everyone something. Well, almost everyone!

    Harrt Begg aka "The Southern Shark"

  • This reporting quoted by USA Today:

  • JETS JETS JETS JETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO GET EM MARCO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like the Jets vs. the Pack here. See videos for this week's games at