2010 MLB Baseball Playoff Betting Odds

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2010 MLB Baseball Playoff Betting Odds

October 7, 2010 (Las Vegas, Nevada) –

Betting odds for the 2010 MLB playoffs . . .

World Series Betting Odds:

Philledelphia Phillies +250 (29% chance)
New York Yankees +370 (21% chance)
Tampa Bay Rays +550 (15% chance)
San Francisco Giants +1000 (9% chance)
Minnesota Twins +1150 (8% chance)
Texas Rangers +1250 (7% chance)
Cincinnati Reds +1600 (6% chance)
Atlanta Braves +1800 (5% chance)

Division Series Odds:

Phillies 73% over Reds (27%)

Yankees 63% over Twins (37%)

Giants 59% over Braves (41%)

Rays 58% over Rangers (42%)

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FEEDBACK: What team is the best bet to win the World Series at the current odds?

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  • Rays +550 has most value IMO.