Vegas says: 6 Biggest CFB Favorites

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Vegas says: 6 Biggest CFB Favorites

September 1, 2010 (Las Vegas, Nevada) - From RJ Bell of

Las Vegas says SIX college football teams are expected to be favored in EVERY scheduled game this season.

[listed in order of National Title chances]

Odds to win BCS: 5 to 1
Closest game: 3-point favorite at home vs. Florida (10/2/2010)

Odds to win BCS: 5 to 1
Closest game: 3.5-point favorite on road at Iowa (11/20/2010)

Odds to win BCS: 8 to 1
Closest game: 3-point favorite on neutral field vs. Texas (10/2/2010)

Odds to win BCS: 10 to 1
Closest game: 2.5-point favorite on neutral field vs. Virginia Tech (only game all season Boise is projected to be less than a touchdown favorite)

Odds to win BCS: 15 to 1
Closest game: 2-point favorite at home vs. Texas (10/16/2010)

Odds to win BCS: 20 to 1
Closest game: 6-point favorite on road at Utah (11/6/2010) - this is the biggest favorite for a team's closest game. Also note that TCU is not expected to be less than a touchdown favorite in any other scheduled game this season.


FLORIDA, though an expected underdog vs. Alabama, should be favored in every other scheduled game. Gators at 8 to 1 are tied with Oklahoma as the third favorite to win the National Title.

TEXAS is expected to be underdogs twice this season, both times against a team projected to be favored in every game (Oklahoma and Nebraska). BCS odds 15 to 1.

NOTRE DAME is expected to be underdogs three games this season: +8 at USC; +2.5 at Boston College; +1 at Michigan St. BCS odds 75 to 1.

Note that the info above takes into account scheduled games (conference championships and bowls are obviously yet to be set). Special thanks to handicapper Mike Hook for his major contributions to this release (with help from Marco D'Angelo).

MEDIA NOTE: Print, radio, TV, and Internet media should feel free to quote any information above. Please attribute: RJ Bell of For follow-up questions, or media appearances - email:

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  • Damn . . . didn't sit on this too long! Congrats!

  • I'm an expert, Will.


  • Sheeeiiiiit. Good call. The field seems to always be a decent bet. Those are the 'experts' for ya.

  • Bump.


  • You know, RJ, I know I'll be eating a nice buffet whether I win or lose lol, so it's all good.

    I still think you have a lot of outs, even with some teams losing early on. The wild card is obviously Oregon. If the Ducks slip into that game it's gonna be interesting!

    But I'll be in Vegas Dec. 19-26 so it's not like we'll known who is going to win. Unless of course both of your potential teams are in lol.

  • How you feeling about your bet, bwatson?

  • Any idea how I can save this thread so I don't have to keep searching through the archives to find it? lol.

  • Bump as Boise State, Florida and ND have no shot :0)

  • deal

  • Ahh yes, I missed those two.

    I will give you Texas and Florida too.

    And ND, even though they go 5-7.

  • What a minute! Texas and Florida were mentioned too!!

  • FOR THE RECORD the teams include:

    Alabama, That school down south, Oklahoma, Boise State, Nebraska AND TCU.

    I get the field.

  • i always do.....

  • RJ you're on brother.

    Im in Vegas from Dec. 19-26. . .then probably back again for March Madness for the 6th consecutive season.

  • The funny thing is that Mike is buying dinner for all of us..haha.