2010 PGA Championship Betting Odds - Tiger Woods NOT the Favorite!

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2010 PGA Championship Betting Odds - Tiger Woods NOT the Favorite!

The final 2010 golf Major starts on Thursday - and we have the PGA Championship betting odds. For the first time in a long time, Tiger Woods is not the Las Vegas favorite in a Major he's playing.  

2010 PGA Championship Betting Odds

Phil Mickelson: 14 to 1

Tiger Woods: 17 to 1 (less than a 6% chance)

Rory Mcllroy: 20 to 1

Padraig Harrington: 25 to 1

Steve Stricker: 28 to 1

Ernie Els: 30 to 1

On one hand it is impressive that Tiger is still the second favorite – but last year in the 2009 PGA Championship, Tiger Wood was a massive 2-1 favorite (with Phil Mickelson the second favorite at 18 to 1)! Said another way, Tiger had SIX TIMES BETTER chance of winning last year than this year (33% vs. 5.5%), according to Vegas. Talk about a noteworthy drop!

Also note these odds are a weighted average, taking into account multiple markets. Odds from any single sportsbook can be misleading for numerous reasons.

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COMMENT NOW: Who do you think will win the 2010 PGA Championship?
  • HArdly- he banged everything that presented itsself to him. Dude is not blessed.

  • Tiger is completely mind f**ked in the head right now, shame to see him struggle like this.

  • some major swings in the odds, that's for sure.


  • I don't think Hefty or Tiger wins this tournament.

  • 17 to 1 means you will win 1 of 18 times. 1 divided by 18 is 5.5% (and thus less than a 6% chance).

  • 17/1 is not a 6% chance to win.

  • Don't know enough about golf to say, but I do know that fading Phil and Tiger is a good idea (too much public $$$ on them each and every week.