Stephen Strasburgh Odds (Baseball Betting Tips)

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Stephen Strasburgh Odds (Baseball Betting Tips)

Stephen Strasburgh, of the Washington Nationals, is scheduled to make his MLB debut Tuesday night.

Line on tonight's game: Strasburgh is a -220 favorite (69% chance to win) over the Pittsburgh Pirates (see updates at

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Stephen Strasburgh Odds and Prop bets:

Over/Under of strikeouts tonight: 6

Will Strasburgh give up a homerun tonight? Yes = 38%

Total wins this season: 7.5

Odds of winning rookie of the year: 7% (93% against)

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Comments please: Do you think Strasburgh will be a superstar 5 years from today?

  • I think he'll get in a lott of full strike counts sac.  Read today that you think the over 1.5 walks is a lock.  I agree.  His stuff is nasty at the minors.  Even though its the pirates, its still a big league team.

  • No Limit, 8 Hits?!!?  

    If the guy struggles it's with walks.  His stuff is nasty, he's just all over the place.

  • Well, technically with all the love he is getting now I'd say he's a "superstar."

    Now if we're looking at this from an All-Star perspective, I think he's going to be the real deal.

  • 5 innings, 2 earned runs, 3 walks, 3 k's and 8 hits with 70-80 pitches.  And yes he gives up a solo shot tonight..

  • I dont think he can win ROY with Heyward playing well... unless Jason gets hurt... hes on his way to a 25-30 HR and near 100 RBI season

  • No - even the best pitchers are not favored to dominate over the long term.