Nicki Meyer, Urban Meyer's Daughter, is HOT [Photos]

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Nicki Meyer, Urban Meyer's Daughter, is HOT [Photos]

Urban Meyer, head coach of the Florida Gator football team, has a HOT daughter named Nicki - who plays volleyball for Georgia Tech.

Gambling connection (so I can act like this post is not just about T&A): Florida is 22-1 to win the BCS in 2010 (see best online books at

Nicki Meyer with Urban:

Urban Meyer's Daughter:

Nicki Meyer - Volleyball

Comment suggestion: How nuts does a post like this drive Urban Meyer (scale of 1 to 10)?

  • I'm going 9.0 on the Urban Meyer pissed scale.

  • is she the young girl that TO was dating on his show?

  • Urban is definitely a shotgun dad.

  • Yup, totally agree.  I hope I don't have any daughters, haha.

  • 10 on driving Urban nuts.