Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked Topless Photo

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Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked Topless Photo

Hayley Williams, of Paramore, has had her Twitter hacked, and a topless photo has leaked.

Gambling Connection: Gamblers like sexy girls.

Hayley Williams Photo:

Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked and Topless

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  • Airplanes is a sick song.

  • john daly has bigger boobs

  • When I go back to a post I made for another look, I know I like.

  • I think the alt look is one of those things either you really like or really hate.  Usually guys aren't much in between.  My college roommate loves chicks like that.

  • I like the alt look . . . 7.5

  • i think she looks great... good find RJ!

  • Bleh, not a fan of redheads and pale chicks.  She's both.  Two thumbs down.

  • -5