Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked Topless Photo

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Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked Topless Photo

Hayley Williams, of Paramore, has had her Twitter hacked, and a topless photo has leaked.

Gambling Connection: Gamblers like sexy girls.

Hayley Williams Photo:

Hayley Williams Twitpic - Hacked and Topless

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  • 2.6 just not the way pictured her she looks like she needs a shower

  • EricV, this was originally posted in may, so when you commented on 10/13... it was about 4-5 months ago...

  • I think I was drunk on freemont street hotel balcony when I drunk posted all those posts  Ha Ha

  • Sac I apologize....u were right I had never heard the song airplanes at that time.  But since I looked it up...I am hooked.  U were right is a great song!

  • This pic is kinda old. Saw this thing about 4-6months ago. Too small for me

  • She is about 12 years old

  • Great pix just the rt size

  • I agree with Will. She gets a 3.5 bump for being a lead singer.

  • I agree with Will. she gets 3.5 bump for being a lead singer.

  • See her as an every day girl, I say a 5. But the fact that she's the lead sing of a band and a VERY talented musician, which I'm a sucker for, I say 8.5.

  • I love me sum Hayley Williams. She got that exotic swag going for her.

  • Ok Sac you were right/I was right (not Paramore-Just Hayley Williams) I found the new song Planes  but I have yet to hear it  b/c I don't wanna buy it.  ntbody know where to just stream it!

  • rodryan.thebuzz.com/.../linksandguests.html

  • Here's their link


  • I am a big Fan of Paramore (and Sac I don't think the song your talking about is from them-I think your thinking of Paper Planes- I think think) and I had heard them first on an Alternative station here in Houst called 94.5 theBuzz...anyways I emailed the Djs  Sunday and Monday to the morning show  and all morning from 6-10  thats almost all they talked about was that Photo.  So Rj I mentioned where I saw the pic first  and the Pregame.com adress although I never heard Pregame mentioned...the photos they posted were Censored and the #1 call the had for today was for that LINK!