American Idol Odds: Who Will Win 2010?

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American Idol Odds: Who Will Win 2010?

There's tons of buzz and predictions leading up to the 2010 American Idol finale. But, like always, the best predictions come from the sportsbook (who are willing to back their opinions with big money).

American Idol Odds 2010:

Lee Dewyze -460 favorite over Crystal Bowersox (which means Lee has a 82% chance of winning).

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Lee Dewyze

Comment Suggestions?

Do you care who wins?

  • It's -400 at some books like BetUs.  I think if you can get a better price than -460 it's actually not that bad of a deal.  

    The books take these bets off the board before showtime, and when it went off last night Lee was -200.  Now after they both performed last night he re-opens at -460!

    I think odds makers are trying to tell us something, so if we can get it at -400 or better, there should be some value there (not much but some).

    Actually the best way to go would have been to play Lee at +160 last week, then hedge with a play on Crystal at +250, but hindsight is 20/20.

    Good luck to anyone that makes a play

  • I cared one year. The girl I was with was a big fan. It was Bo Bice's year. I remember thinking he did a great version of TIED DOWN TO THE WHIPPING POST - just youtubed it - NOT GOOD.