Lance Armstrong Crash [Photo]

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Lance Armstrong Crash [Photo]

First, Floyd Landis accused Lance Armstrong of doping, a charge Lance denied. Then, Armstrong crashed while racing in the Tour of California, receiving stitches near his elbow and an eye before being sent to the hospital.

Photo of Lance Armstrong Crash

  • Just an FYI... Up until 2007, Bonds and his crew used the excuse "he's never tested positive before" as proof on a regular basis.  That was debunked later on..... Point being, he could have tested positive and we just don't know about it.  

  • Until he fails a test or admits he did it, I will believe that he has never cheated.

  • I'd be a jerk too when you're the most tested man in sports and not one single person has found anything. What if the cops, you wife / girlfriend, or strangers etc. kept accusing you  of the SAME THING over and over and over and over, and forced you to be tested, and even though the tests came back negative every time, for decades, those same people still insisted you were guilty, and kept testing you? Wouldn't you be a huge a-hole about it? I sure as hell would.

  • Looks like an opponent from a flyers game in the old days.

  • Don't know if he used PEDs or not. I do know though that he is a world class jerk.

    do some googling to see how he treats the media or people who have tried to test him for steroids like they do all other bikers.

    huge a-hole.

  • Stew is tired of all the ripped dudes who DO take roids getting all the women! lol.  Oh, I guess that goes for me and my 150 lbs frame. Damn. I need a 6 week cycle STAT!

  • Stew, why all the hate lol

  • He's never been convicted. He is by far the most tested athlete on the face of this earth. He has people in France that have been out to get him for over a decade....and still not proof. I hate when people say he's cheated. This man has overcome a crapload of health issues to kick every other racer's ass in the WORLD. He's a stud. Even if he did dope, so what? The whole sport does it. But like I said, ZERO convictions...

  • Without a doubt he is a cheater. These guys are like all the baseball players...they lie and deny they used steroids but they all have

  • Yes or No, do you think he's used PEDs?