Miss USA 2010 Controversy: 8 Hottest Pictures

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Miss USA 2010 Controversy: 8 Hottest Pictures

Donald Trump is at it again: the 2010 Miss USA has big-time controversy over racy lingerie photos. Below are the 8 highest rated pictures according to Miss USA website voting. Comment on which girl you think is the hottest 2010 Miss USA contestant:

Miss Alabama:

Miss California

Miss Indiana:

Miss Kansas:

Miss Louisiana:


Miss Michigan

Miss Minnesota (was not voted high, but I didn't care!)

Outside Link: See all 2010 Miss USA contestants

Comment on who you like best . . .

  • Miss Michigan won!

  • all of them but louisiana and Mass.. Michigan reminds me of porn star Tara patrick..

  • I say Alabama! Miss Michigan looks like she belongs in the Kardishan family

  • Where is Miss Wisconsin??? I know at the bar having a beer.

  • You know it, RJ! lol. I have to get a good look at the goods before I commit to whether she's hot or not. And I think she done had an accident! ha.

  • She pissed herself Will. Nuff said haha

  • Will - you must have been looking CLOSE!

  • Indiana is the best.

    And Michigan looks like she had some sort of nasty vaginal discharge in her bikini bottoms. She may want to get that checked out.

  • OREGON! gotta represent

  • I find myself coming back to this post throughout the day!

  • inidana and lousianna wearing the same swim suit?  so they are into sharing?   all 4 of them get my vote...

  • IMO not a clear cut choice...I actually kinda like Indiana

  • You guys are crazy, no love for Ms Michigan?  Her and Ms Alabama are by far the hottest.

  • Only thing I could say to this, is why on earth should this be controversial?  Mr Trump has facilitated a WIN~WIN in my business/oriented thought process...Even better if we'd get a few shots more like No Limit's snap up there....right up there w/ Tx Golfer.

  • Outta these 8, miss alabama hands down.