Bobby Orr Statue

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Bobby Orr Statue

Bobby Orrs statue, made of bronze - unveiled today - is called "The Goal" - capturing Orr's Cup-winning shot on May 10, 1970, is now in front of the Garden. Attending were Mayor Thomas Menino, owner Jeremy Jacobs, and Garden prez John Wentzell. Orr, always humble, thanked his family, friends, and teammates.

Bobby Orr Statue picture:

Any big Bobby Orr fans here . . .

  • Great statue right there and deserves to have it put up!

  • I was there. pretty cool statue and Bobby Orr is definitely deserved this statue...should have happened 30 years ago!

  • Bobbys a legend, without a doubt one of the top 2 players who have ever lived. If his kness didn't go so early he could have challend 99 for top spot.

  • Not a big Orr fan - don't dislike him either - but this is one of the greatest moments in hockey history.  ...the moment the statue captures, not the dedication of the statue.  

    This is similar to Joe Carter's walk-off home run to win the World Series or Adam Vinateri's game winnning field goal in the Super Bowl.   I love the watching the film clip of that moment.  Good stuff!  

    Congrats to Bobby.

  • Oh I have no idea...It looks like he was a hockey player in the 70's? Combine my age with the fact I follow little to know hockey is probably why I have no idea who he is :)

  • Stew, wasn't he on the Super Bowl XLIII Cowboys team the Steelers beat?

  • Never heard of him LOL