Rajon Rondo Girlfriend Picture

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Rajon Rondo Girlfriend Picture

The Interent is buzzing with talk of Rajon Rondo's girlfriend, Ashley Bachelor. Here's one of the few pictures of them together. What do you think?

Rajon Rondo with girlfriend:

  • If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.So with that said I think I said to much.


    posted by ericcogdell on 05/10/2010 2:21 AM

    considering Rondo looks like one of the  zombies from Dawn of the Dead I'd say he's doing alright.

    ..........    LMAO

  • it's so cute - they put a dress on a water buffalo!

  • i figured that how good he was at passing the rock he would be able to pass on this gargoyle

  • RJ, ive noticed you got this "thing" for other guys girlfriends. So ill spit this quick... Its ok, but I must say, why dont you have a girlfriend anyway? No time, or shes gotta be a dime? Either way, i hope youre not GAY.

  • Crack Head Rondo SMH

  • Wow! Not only is he one of the best PG in the league, but he has a smoking hot girlfriend too!

    Lets go C's!!

  • He looks like Chris Tucker on crack!

  • she probably is a classy girl.......and he makes her happy........he is not one of those guys that just chases hoes, he is smart and concentrates on improving his game

  • I give her a 2

  • I don't understand why the internet is "buzzing" but they seem to be a good fit as I don't see either as overly attractive. Rondo is the best player on the clets at the moment.

  • I don't get what the big deal is...she looks like an average chick to me.

  • considering Rondo looks like one of the  zombies from Dawn of the Dead I'd say he's doing alright.

  • we should all be thanking rondo for taking her off the market..

  • AHHHH!! 6.5 out of 10...nice mid-section