1st Time in 6 Years of MLB Baseball (Betting Dork Podcast)

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Pregame Blogs
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1st Time in 6 Years of MLB Baseball (Betting Dork Podcast)

Wednesday's Sabermetrics handicapping is discussed with forum guest Basewinner and host Gill Alexander. Plus, some glaring ERA-FIP numbers on today's MLB board, and some afternoon and evening free picks on today's Betting Dork podcast.

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This is NOT Basewinner (but it could be!):


3 premium picks free from Gill for Wednesday

Today's forum thread from Basewinner

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  • Gill- I had so many numbers in front of me that this morning that I thought I was working for NASA. Love the visor and I may get one of these for the Wednesday show.

  • That may very well be basewinner....right down to the visor and densely populated papers.