Phillies Fan Tasered - Video

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Phillies Fan Tasered - Video

The net is buzzing about the Phillies fan who ran onto the field, and was tasered. Below is the best version of the video showing the fan being tasered. Did this Phillies fan deserve to be tasered? Too harsh? Let us know in the comments section.

Video of Phillies Fan Tasered:

  • start a new sport.......have people run around enclose field  while others chase and try and taser a ratings hit

  • Some heckler of tiger woods got zapped on friday.  The phils have since released a statement that event staff security will capture any future run on field incidents and turn them over to the police.

  • I think that should be a new policy for running on the field. The officers have taser already lets do it.

  • So much for my comment on maybe tasering people will stop idiots from running on the field.  Another moron did it again last night and they did not tase him this time.  LOL  I've seen clips of that curtis hit DMan.  Funny as hell.

  • or he could have met Mike Curtis of Balt Colts.....and gotten really nailed

  • taser his use spending more time chasing these dumb asses....u never know if they intend to try harm someone on the filed.......too harsh? no way

  • start using snipers. in today's age with nut jobs having bombs or guns, kid is a moron. should have tazed his ass again and his friends too, just for being there. thin the herd.

  • def use of excessive force seen it plenty times before on field clothed and naked and all they do is tackle, em problem is  the people chasing em are old and fat

  • rj heres a real clear video

  • Yeah people will think twice about running on fields of play if they know they're gonna get 50,000 volts up their ass.  LOL

  • Case could be made it is a safer way to subdue.

  • LOL "tase him, tase him"  LOL  Watch it with the philly fan shit previous poster.

  • It may have been a little harsh, but I'm ok with it since it was only a Phillies fan :).  However, I do think it sends a strong message that you better think twice before running on the field.