Meet the Pros: Johnny Detroit (Podcast with RJ Bell)

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Pregame Blogs
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Meet the Pros: Johnny Detroit (Podcast with RJ Bell)

CEO RJ Bell talks with co-founder Johnny Detroit, about:
* his working class upbringing
* what it's like to live the life on the Detroit streets
* the balance between being too bold as a gambler and being too conservative
* the real story behind his diamond pinkie ring
* the famous Nick the Greek vs. Johnny Moss poker game.

Part ONE of a ongoing series.

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Link: Nick the Greek vs. Johnny Moss poker game details

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Podcasts are the START of the conversation . . . Continue the conversation in the comments section . . . Johnny and me be around to take part and answer any questions . . .

  • Yeah. i appreciate all the feedback on IM and email also. Not sure I want to wait the few weeks for part II!

  • Now this is the kind of extended conversation a podcast blog post should be! Keep it up guys!!

  • STL-Sharp,

    Thanks for the feedback. I really enjoyed doing it and can't wait for part II.

  • Johnny and RJ, Thank you both for an awesome podcast. I maybe a few years older than you two and I haven't been here a pregame too long but you sure know how to make a guy feel at home. I grew up in a working class (poor) part of St. Louis city and hung out at bowling alleys and roller rinks growing up while my mother and father both worked. I started with the parlay cards in high school where I met my still best friend who's uncle is a bookie and was also pinched once upon a time. I worked for a local book for a few years and have been gambling for over 25 years. Listening to you guys made me feel like I was sitting in one of the bowling alley bars and swapping war stories like the old days. I look forward to the future episodes.

  • Will. I deleted your post. You might not want to mention your locals web site on a public forum.

  • 5 or more people involved they can use it. so u got a guy answering a phone, that is two of you. got 2 guys who lay off, that is now 4. another guy does pay/takes, you are now officially ranked amongst the charges they use on the mafia.

  • Ah, good ole rackateering. What a way to make money. "Give us money and we'll protect you a.k.a. sit on our ass or maybe rough up somebody once in awhile."  I got into the mob stuff hardcore. I always swore that if I were 100% Italian, I'd be in the Mafia. It's harder to follow it now since Gotti Sr. went to prison, but last I heard, and this was awhile ago, his son was taking orders. I couldn't even give a name of who runs it  now. And the FBI claims there is no mob anymore. Yeah, right. Maybe they aren't as big and don't have as much power as they did when they were tied in with the US Govt., but that stuff will always be around.

  • things are different now. they use racketeering, enterprise corruption, etc. local i know they took his cars, money, bank accounts etc.

  • I should mention that I've seen a LOT of punks back out when they owe a book money. Not cool. I wasn't raised that way. Anyway, that's the other problem these days. Too many people aren't man enough to handle their debts or don't have the 'honor' to follow up with an agreement, I guess you could say. And I'm not one to hire a dude to go break their leg. The old school days are definitely gone in those regards.

  • You know, I'm not sure about these days, but not too long ago, if you got caught booking (at least where I live) you just get a fine. It used to be really cheap. Last year a decent sized ring got busted, although just the main guy was charged, and he was hit with a $10,000 fine. Not a ton of money if you have a big operation going.

    I was going to book last year, but the heat was being brought by the "po-po". I wanted nothing to do with that.

  • Thanks. It will be an ongoing series with stories and what not since getting into this business.

    Here is the link to one of "Bookstore Eddie's" few "pinches".

    His name in the file is Edmond Burdziak. I think they got a mistrial on this one :)

  • I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but listened to the podcast last night and loved it and it was really interesting. Thanks for sharing guys.

  • TG. Would not hype you up if I did not think you were the real deal my man.

  • LOL....Actually they picked me up Johnny based on my physical attributes alone (and bankroll at the time), and I take the 5th on everything else...I remember that meet and greet actually>>>damn we are old school buddy!  

    Hopefully I wasnt one of the guys that were watching games at the strip club with no money on them personally....actually the amount of lap dances and broken promises made to strippers in Vegas is based soley on how my games are coming in at that moment!  

  • TG. Like I always say when you get brought up. My first encounter was you running late for the meet & greet because you picked some strippers up at the Rio pool and did some wild shit in your suite. True blue gambler and wild man.

    GS. I think me and you have known each other longer then me and RJ. One of the true gentlemen gamblers in the game.

    Appreciate the kind words from both you guys.