ESPN's Erin Andrews HOT in Skimpy Black Dress (video)

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ESPN's Erin Andrews HOT in Skimpy Black Dress (video)

Erin Andrews is rocking in her skimpy black dress in this Jimmy Kimmel video. For the first time I understand all the hype . . . what do you think?

  • And she is VERY cool! She always comes to the College World Series, and I have chatted with her a few times before they do their ESPN segment. She's not afraid to interact with the crowd. Then again, we'll see about this year! Omaha was apparently where part of her 'nude' video was taken.....and her body is SMOKING HOT!!

    She's the real deal. That is for sure.

  • In the beginning god created

    Erin F***ing Andrews

    yeah she's pretty hot RJ

  • wow shes amazing kids resembles brittany in her hot years

  • She is so freakin hot, after she took those shoes off, I would lick the insoles of those shoes!!

  • She's AMAZING


  • wow. i mean.... WOW

  • Ridiculously hott. I don't know if you guys have seen the outfits she wears on there. Wow. The last episode I saw, I think it was 2 weeks ago, she was wearing a shirt unbuttoned with a black bra underneath. It was amazing. I don't think she's ever showed that much boob before!

  • Off the freaking charts.  

  • Shocked too man, would be nice to have something like her to have as a better half on looks alone, not to mention the fact you dont have to explain sports to her.  My old lady loves football and knows how the game works overall, so I guess I'm spoiled.  Man up bitches, its OK to comment on her smokiness.

  • Tons of views, but few comments . . . how hot is she?

  • Man she is just sooo f**king hot.