Jerry Jones Drunk Video: Blasting Tibow and Parcells

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Jerry Jones Drunk Video: Blasting Tibow and Parcells

The net is buzzing about the video of Jerry Jones - drunk - blasting Tim Tibow and Bill Parcells. What do you think?

  • Check this out guys...

  • Tons of talk on this video.

  • Tebow is a joke, when he cried like a bitch after losing the SEC title game I lost any and all respect I had left for him.  Parcells is a football god and has forgotten more about the game then jones will ever know as far as personnell and knowledge.  He just got to the cowboys too late in his career as a coach and wasnt equipped to deal with the 21st century athletes.  He is in the perfect spot right now being able to "shop for the groceries" and grabbed a nice porterhouse today from the broncos.

  • I love it! The man is just telling the truth. Too many people are too damn uptight when people simply tell the truth, just because it's not what they want to hear.

    I agree with Tony George 100% as well.

  • Being famous and having millions does not change the fact that guys lkike Jerry Jones are human and get drunk, cuss and shoot their mouth off.  Basically famous people, of whom I have known a few and partied with a few, are really no different than the rest of us bullshitting over a drinks....the only difference is they are rich and famous, and probally should not be wasted in a public bar with every guy and gal having cell phones looking for a payday from TMZ.

  • This is great...I posted a link to this earlier. My favorite part is when the guy ask him about drafting Tebow in the 3rd round LMAO!