Demi Moore, Bush (Reggie), Kim Kardashian Twitter Battle

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Demi Moore, Bush (Reggie), Kim Kardashian Twitter Battle

Demi Moore Bush is an eye-popper - the net is buzzing over a Twitter battle between Demi Moore and Kim Kardashian. And somehow, though it is not clear, Reggie Bush is involved. 

Demi Moore had a problem with Kim's choice of words on twitter (specifically, use of the word "pimp"), which Demi Moore considered glorifying.

Below is the actual Twitter messages, and a few pictures for the trouble.

Demi Moore Bush - LOL!

Kim Kardashian

Demi Moore


  • Two hott women. No wonder there are so many views!!

  • wow. kim looks SUPER HOT THERE.

  • look at the views of this - 13,000 . . . guess we know what guys are interested in!

  • I believe a more appropriate heading would be "skip the Twitter battle nonsense and scroll down to the pictures". DAMN.