PROPS: Best Super Bowl XLIV Prop Bets

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PROPS: Best Super Bowl XLIV Prop Bets

The Best Super Bowl XLIV Prop Bets IN ONE PLACE!

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The following odds are a weighted average from multiple sportsbooks, making the following prop odds more accurate than any individual sportsbook.

10 to 1 means $1 wagered wins $10
+150 means $100 wagered wins $150
-150 means $150 wagered wins $100
Over/Under means the event is expected to happen this many times

Extreme scoring:
7 points or less, combined both teams: 1000 to 1
81 or more points, combined both teams: 5 to 1 against

Colts shutout: 250 to 1 against
Saints shutout: 80 to 1 against

Saints win by 39 or more points: 60 to 1 against
Colts win by 39 or more points: 20 to 1 against

Manning -150 (60% chance!)
Brees +300
Addai +1000
Wayne +1100
Reggie Bush +1200
P. Thomas +1300
Dwight Freeney: +6000

Player to score first TD:
Addai: 5 to 1
Reggie Wayne: 6 to 1
Dallas Clark: 7 to 1
Pierre Thomas: 7 to 1
Marquest Colston: 9 to 1
Reggie Bush: 10 to 1
Payton Manning: 35 to 1

Total Pass Yards: Over/Under = 305
Total TD passes: Over/Under = 2.5

Will Manning throw for more yards this Super Bowl than his last?
Yes = minus 270 (equaling a 75% chance)

Will Manning throw for less than 100 yards?
12 to 1 against

Will Manning throw for more than 500 yards?
15 to 1 against

Total Passing Yards: Over/Under = 290
Total TD passes: Over/Under = 2

Will Drew Brees throw for more yards than John Elway did in Super Bowl XXI (304 yards)? Yes or No is even money.

Will Brees throw for less than 100 yards?
10 to 1 against

Will Brees throw for more than 500 yards?
25 to 1 against

Passing Yards: Manning is favored by 15 yards over Brees

Reggie Bush:  Rushing Yards: Over/Under = 30

Reggie Wayne: Total receiving yards: Over/Under = 78


Combined net yards (both teams): Over/Under = 801 yards

Colts are favored to have 16 more net yards than the Colts

Longest touchdown of the game: over/under = 50 yards

Will the longest touchdown be longer than the longest field goal?
Touchdown = minus 150 (meaning 60% chance TD is longer)

Will there be?
overtime: 15 to 1 against
a safety: 10 to 1 against
a blocked punt: 10 to 1 against
missed extra point: 15 to 1 against
defensive or special teams touchdown: No = -160 (meaning 38% chance)

Will at least one quarter of the game be scoreless?
No = -400 (meaning only 20% chance one quarter will be scoreless)

Will there be a lead change in the Second Half?
No = -165 (meaning 38% chance there WILL be a 2nd half lead change)

Largest lead of game?
Over/Under = 16.5

Who will score more points:
Saints and Colts combined
Lebron and Kobe combined (on Saturday)

Crazy Props:

Who will win the coin toss?
Most books have the odds as even, but one has HEADS as a slight favorite!

How long will it take Carrie Underwood to sing the National Anthem?
Over/Under is 1 minute and 42 seconds.

What color will the Gatorade dumped on the winning head coach be?
Yellow: even money
Clear or water: +150
Green: +250
Orange: +500
Red: +1500
Blue: +1200

TV Props

How many times will Archie Manning be shown on TV: over/under = 4.5
How many times will Kim Kardasian be shown on TV: over/under = 2.5
How many times will Hurricane Katrina be mentioned: over/under = 3

Super Crazy

How many current NFL players will be arrested during Super Bowl week?
No = minus 170 (meaning the odds of at least one is 37%)

Will a player give the crowd the “middle finger”?
Yes = 8 to 1 against

If Saints win, will Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian be engaged by July 31, 2010?
No = -150 (meaning the chance is 40%)

Will The Who smash a guitar on stage during the halftime show? No = -180 (meaning the chance is 35%)

How many times will Pete Townshend do his famous windmill move? Over/Under = 6

First endzone Celebration will be:
Ball spike: 2 to 1
Flex bicep: 4 to 1
Slam Dunk football: 5 to 1
Punch Goalpost: 15 to 1
Take out Sharpie and sign ball: 20 to 1
Group celebration: 20 to 1
Heisman Trophy pose: 25 to 1
“Ickey” Shuffle: 100 to 1

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