"Guaranteed Picks" cost MORE in the long run!

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"Guaranteed Picks" cost MORE in the long run!

"Guaranteed Picks" sites typically charge TWICE as much for a pick - meaning they collect DOUBLE the Pregame.com amount when the pick wins. But it's important to realize that one pick winning is not the same as earning you a profit!

For example, if Pregame.com charges $25 for a pick, these sites charge $50 . . . so let's say you buy 10 picks in a week . . . 5 win, 5 lose . . . so the "guarnateed" sites end up with $250 of your money (same as Pegame.com charging you 1/2 as much on every pick). If they win 50%, they cost you the same amount of money.

Now get this: if they happen to actually win greater than 50% over the long run, they cost you MORE than Pregame.com. (i.e., their double priced picks are charged to you over half the time). So when they are flipping coins, they cost you the same. But when they actually win, guaranteed sites cost you more!

On the other hand, a useful guarantee would be guaranteeing you a PROFIT over an extended period of time. This is a very rare offer. We are proud that Pregame.com offers this customer-friendly program with http://www.betlikeapro.com/

Even more dangerous than being more expensive, "guaranteed picks" are a deceptive marketing ploy. The amount risked by bettors is always much bigger than the cost of the pick - and these sites are certainly no offering a guarantee on the amount bet! Yet, these marketers attempt to create the false appearance of less risk. Not only is this untrue - but it's very dangerous in that it leads bettors to risk more than they can afford to lose!

Pregame.com does have one type of insurance offer (Money Back to Comeback) - and it's narrow purpose is to encourage you to AVOID over-betting on the biggest games.

The "guaranteed" sites want you to think you are buying winners. But since they get paid the same amount even when hitting 50%, THAT IS NOT THE CASE. What Pregame.com knows you are buying is expert advise from elite handicappers. Understanding this difference will help keep you out of trouble.

Be very careful of sites whose business model is based upon encouraging you to engage in dangerous and losing money management.

And rest assured the Pros are very motivated to win - not only are they betting their own games, but the more they win, the more they sell.

The bottom line is, when considering that
a) we do not get paid more when winning over 50%
b) the unmatched number of promotions and discounts we offer
c) subscription and monthly discounts
d) www.PregameRewards.com
Pregame.com is the lowest priced high quality pick site in the world!

  • This is the second time that I've bought picks and it's the second time the picks were wrong. Who are these guys?

  • well 1+1 last night means 2 -9 in 11 picks   -14units this week on here  just great

  • I. Do not bet online.  I am in Vegas for bowl games and wild card play offs.  Perhaps first round if I bet by Jan 8. My question is Can I stop getting killed.  I was doing some parlays. Not working.  I tried individual for Sugar Bowl. First half under Second half over and favorite Florida . Lost all three. I don' t. Think I am navigating the pre game site correctly.  Thanks. Snakebite

  • Excuse me, but if you're PAYING someone for their picks, you don't do your homework, that's WHAT YOU'RE PAYING THEM FOR! You don't BET AGAINST WHAT THEY TELL YOU, whether you think you should or not! Again, THAT'S WHAT YOU'RE PAYING THEM FOR!

  • Well, you guys can say what you want BUT tonite I got the POW from one of the so-called experts on here & guess what, they were -3.5 & they're LOSING 35-10 in the 3rd quarter! Doesn't matter if they give it to you for FREE or charge you $1 if you BET IT, its going to cost you ALOT MORE THAN THAT!

  • All games..judge by yourself...!!!

  • Almost game were set up by big boss so don't belive anyone can't help you better way is watch game to enjoi...your life ... because  gamble will lead your life more trouble...

  • Have you ever given a refund for someone who purchases one of your hadicapper's packages?  I doubt it but VR is getting crushed in the NCAA tournament and is crushing me.  Granted I am an adult and can make my own decisions.  However, one should expect a little better from someone who touts themselves as such.  Not bitter but very disappointed.  I am all about getting value from the dollar spent.

  • I like your site I heard you on the "Herd" on espn I have sent my friends to your site I enjoy the site very much. Everyone has to remember just because the Handicappers make a pick you still should do your research....do not let the handicapper make your picks just simple guide you........Thanks R.J


  • I have enjoyed the site RJ.  Unfortunately, I"m 3-9 in the last 12 (and I have the handicappers and numbers to back it up).  I just hope it gets better.

  • rj ignore the idiots. u got a quality site here.

  • im going with the steelers this weekend.....they play for mike tomlin. i wouldnt wanna be the quarterback in this game. i beleive in harrison and polamalu.   and look out for hines ward.  hes not dead yet.

  • im sorry....19 and 2....butler screwed me today


  • Pre game, it is just wonderful!!.