Updated Odds on Saints and Colts Going Undefeated

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Updated Odds on Saints and Colts Going Undefeated

Las Vegas, Nevada (December 1, 2009) - exclusive from Pregame.com:

Odds of going undefeated:
Colts: 28% ($100 wins $257)
Saints: 21% ($100 wins $376)

Odds of AT LEAST ONE of the teams going undefeated?
43% ($100 wins $138)

Odds of BOTH teams going undefeated?
6% ($100 wins $1,566)

Odds of BOTH teams going undefeated and meeting in the Super Bowl?
*calculated using point spread estimates for two rounds of playoffs vs. likely range of opponents
1% ($100 wins $9,900)

How many remaining games will the teams be favored?
Colts: projected to be favored in EVERY GAME!
Saints: projected to be favored in EVERY GAME!

Formula note: By calculating the percentage chance of the Colts and Saints winning each of their remaining games, RJ Bell of Pregame.com has projected the exact odds of either team finishing the season undefeated. Note that these projections are not guesses, but rather calculations based upon projected point spreads.

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  • What's the odds now of both the Saints and Colts going undefeated and meeting in the Super Bowl?

  • Those 99 to 1 odds are TRUE ODDS - the books would likely offer 60 to 1.

  • all I want to know is where i can bet that for 100 they stay undefeated go to the superbowl make 9900.I will throw ten a it for 990

  • Pregame.com reporting carried by Washington Times: http://bit.ly/8xGu0j