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Pregame Blogs

Pregame Blogs
Videos are just the START of the conversation. Each show has a dedicated blog post with show notes, links, and pics. Plus, the host and guests continue the conversation in the comments section!

Instructions for

Instructions for

Re-Tweeting the Hottest Handicappers on Twitter!

FOLLOW @PickContest for free daily best bets!
 fame & $1000 CASH!


TO PLAY, make 3 daily picks in a single tweet from your Twitter account

Tweet Format:

* BEGINNING of Tweet:
- If your last day of picks went a perfect 3-0, begin tweet with Off 3-0:
- If last day NOT perfect, but you ARE on a win streak (9 picks or more winning at least 60%), start with "WS" followed by your streak details. Sample: WS 23-13:
- If neither perfect yesterday or win streak applies to you, start tweet with BB: (for Best Bets)
Important: Tweets not started in one of these three ways will NOT be re-tweeted, and not promoted to all of our followers!

Starting all pick tweets this way will allow all our followers to know when you are on a hot streak, giving you even more exposure. Remember, our followers will be able to simply click your Twitter username to visit your page and start following you!

* ENDING of Tweet:
Always end tweet with @PickContest
Important: Tweets not ending in @PickContest will NOT be re-tweeted, and not promoted to all of our followers!

* Lines/odds must be included with picks. You should use the lines/odds you include when grading your results. The lines/odds you use must be available at at the time you tweet. Requiring the use of a line that is widely available prevents cheating.

* Use nickname of pro teams (e.g., Steelers) and school name for college (e.g., Ohio State)

Sample of good Tweet formats:

Off 3-0: Cowboys +5 | Steelers -7 | OVER 44 Steelers | @PickContest


WS 6-3: Pats -9 | Browns +15 | Yankees -125 | @PickContest


BB: Red Sox -130 | D'Rays RL -1.5 (+110) | Pirates OVER 8 (-130) | @PickContest

Pick Details

* Picks must be played the same day you Tweet. (example, if the game is Saturday, include that pick in your Saturday Tweet.

* Sides, Totals, Money Lines, Run Lines in any sport are allowed.

* Maximum Money Line is -130. No pick can have a money line greater than -130. If you like a big baseball favorite, you can play them on the run line.

* Picks must be posted at least 10 minutes before the first game starts.

* Our Auto Re-Tweet of your picks will typically be delivered to all our @PickContest followers within 10 minutes of your original post. Like any computer program, performance can sometimes vary. On the rare occasion that major problems occur, your original post (through your account) is your contest entry of record. Said another way, occasional re-tweet issues will never affect the contest.


* Contest #1 ends July 31, 2009. Contest #2 will start the next day.

* Player with most 3-0 days overall wins up to $1000. If @PickContest has 1000 or more legitimate followers the date the contest ends, the prize is $1000. If not, the prize will be $1 for every @PickContest follower (for example, 900 followers means $900) . . . so spread the word about to maximize the prize!

* If more than one player ties for the most perfect 3-0 days, a 7-day overtime will immediately follow. If the number of perfect days is still tied, another 7-day overtime, and so on till a winner is declared.

* Max of one entry per day per account. To prevent people from creating Twitter accounts just to have extra entries, player's accounts must a reasonable activity level other than playing the @PickContest game. (for example, other Tweets and/or followers)

* Since a player's entry is tweeted through his account to all of his followers, you can feel confident that stated records are accurate. If a player's mistakes are more than occasional, he would lose creditability with all his followers.

* Attempts at cheating will be useless. Every pick from the apparent winning player will be fully audited, including confirmation of an accurate record, confirmation of posting time before the start of games, and confirmation of the use of reasonable lines/odds. If the apparent winner does not pass the audit, he will be disqualified and the next best result declared the winner.

* Top 10 finishers will be granted special recognition Tweets from @PickContests: YES, fame and followers!

* No cost/obligation to play or win.

Starting the Contest

* No requirement to play every day. Since the contest is about the number of perfect days, you could win by playing only a handful of days. But, each day you play is another chance at perfection.

* Start any time. You could start a week before the contest's end and still have the most number of perfect days. But the sooner you start the better chance you'll have of winning.

* Each day you play promotes your Twitter account to all the followers @PickContests

Gain followers & $1000! If you don't have a Twitter account, get one here free. If you already have an account, go to it and tweet your 3 Best Bets for today right now and gain Twitter followers and a free chance at $1000 cash!

Follow to see your picks, and the hottest handicappers on Twitter!

Email: with questions . . .

  • Whos in the lead of this contest?

  • i am now ready to win this contest.THANK YOU fo the oppurtunity

  • i am now ready to win this contest

  • I think you can just go with a "BB" when we're all 0-0.  Seems reasonable to me!

  • What's the format to begin? ie:

    * BEGINNING of Tweet: