PICS: See How Cruel Aging Can Be . . .

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PICS: See How Cruel Aging Can Be . . .

Brigitte Bardot (age 25):

Brigitte Bardot (age 73):

  • Damn, I think I met her at a truck stop motel in 1985! Looked great at the Jackalope Bar & Grille in Cheyenne at 2am, the morning was something still painful to recall!

  • Fascinating how time changes a face, isn't it?  We all get to see it on ourselves, but contrasting two pics like this is nifty.  I'd like to see a morph if two poses alike could be taken.

    As to "dentists" back in the 60s folks didn't think anything wrong with teeth that didn't fit a cartoon stereotype.  her teeth were lovely.  She was lovely.  Standards change.  One day we'll realize again that stick-thin is ugly.  Maybe we'll even appreciate "rubenesque" again?

  • This really is disturbing.


  • Did they not have dentists back in the day?

  • She was one of those 'SEX KITTENS" from the 60s!

    Raquel Welch STILL looks GOOD at 70!!!

  • Did someone merge that pic with the neck of a sea turtle?

  • Holy shit Batman.....

    Still bullshit she gets in trouble for calling like it is about Islam in Europe though.

  • yikes