PICS: See How Cruel Aging Can Be . . .

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PICS: See How Cruel Aging Can Be . . .

Brigitte Bardot (age 25):

Brigitte Bardot (age 73):

  • I love BB !

  • I love BB !

  • I love BB !

  • it is sad that someone like her cares about animals more than human beings

    i am referring to a minority of people with different orientation or religion

  • Why would anyone want to attack her? Besides, why is it necessary to be unkind? We seem to have forgotten that aging is a normal process.  And who cares? The whole world seems to care a great deal about celebrities.

  • the people defending bridgette bardot are hysterical!!! who cares!!!

  • Brigitte is absolutely gorgeous, regardless of her age. She is also intelligent, which is more than I can say about those who posted such nasty comments.

  • I  LOVE  YOU  BRIDGITTE  ..........

  • See "Take This, Bridgitte Bardot..." if you're interested.

  • What the hell you going to do?

    Some people look like that at 43!

    Take Resveratrol and DHEA. There's also more one can do to keep the body working well.

    I'll post info about Resveratrol & DHEA in the forums tomorrow. Check it out.

  • That's what happens when you ride all them years without a saddle !!

  • Some of you are already brain dead...

  • It's normal for her age..she is lovely old lady

    btw she reached her late age..would you?

    we should think about ourselves how we will look like on that age???

  • She's 73!  She looks amazing!  So what if she is wrinkly and grey haired?  That is normal for her age, not like the plastic horror masks that pass for 'celebrities' in the 21st century.

  • Take a look at yourselves. Who do think you are stupids americans with your botox and your horrible lifted faces. Brigitte is not a cheating woman like your ugly old stars who are not even able to smile normally.