Christina Aquilera's Boobs are CRAZY HUGE (Video inside)

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Christina Aquilera's Boobs are CRAZY HUGE (Video inside)

  • Yes and she had the boob job just before.

    Not most of the size is of childbirth your boobs sag when you breast feed, not perk.

    She looks stupidly out of proportion

  • um sarah.. most of the size is due to her just having a baby.  did you even watch the video w/ sound?

  • Yeah two fake boobs,

    they look horribly out of proportion to the rest of her body.

    I dont find anyone who has plastic surgery to "enhance" their body attractive at all, so obviously I'm going to be against someone who's had there boobs done AS WELL AS their nose, chin and lips. Its disgusting and you can tell shes had plastic surgery to her boobs in more revealing tops theres horrible scars.

  • I can't even think straight after seeing this, although something else is straight right now, haha.

  • WOW she has great breasts! not too small or too big. I just wanna stare at them. I wish I saw her for real and she showed me her nipples!

  •  0508483667  Ilove women Arab

  • when watching this i was listening to eight days a week by THe beetles and the lyrics just firt in perfectly with her... just being there with her suculent tits

  • each one is bigger than her head

    and just wow the only reason it first page o google is because erson spelled her name wrong

  • I caught my first glimpse of this thread finally - Wow those are enormous

  • I want this lovely mom.

  • I want Ellen to say "You know lets play skip rope." PLEASE!!!!!!

  • SHIT!! My boner went up so hard it hit my desk. Owwww! In more ways than one.

  • hey does anyone know what they were saying? i was a little "preocupied" O.O

  • damn.... damn.

  • Thanks RJ....she is soooo HOT