Christina Aquilera's Boobs are CRAZY HUGE (Video inside)

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Christina Aquilera's Boobs are CRAZY HUGE (Video inside)

  • How could I have forgot about this?! THANK YOU, RJ!!!

  • In the spirit of all the hot T&A making the rounds.

  • dang ive seen huge boobs b4 but these r HUGE!

  • If Pregame had a Hall of Fame, this thread wouldn't definitely be in it!

  • frig  hers are nothing mine 40 D

  • I would love to suck the milk out of those...just wait till her son grows up and watches this lol

  • thats a good get rj...! woo hoo!

    I'd go balls deep on that one.

  • Christina is the best


  • You are right....proportion is best! But, those are nice too!

  • Ellen wants bitty.

  • no, their in proportion to my body.

    Most women are supposed to be a C or B, I'm a C.

  • Sounds like somebody has small boobs?

  • well your a gullable idiot.

    Celebritys always encourage gullable retards to go under the knife. Of which You can tell when people do just like in recent pics of christina. 'Cause it aint a pretty look when you look like you have two beach balls down your top.. ��

  • I like that kind of stupid!