Author of the forthcoming book "Trading Bases, A Story about Wall Street, Gambling, and Baseball* (*) Not necessarily in that order", Joe Peta might just be the type of guy Host Gill Alexander would have tried creating from scratch if he had a lab and his last name were Frankenstein.  That is, if Peta hadn't existed already.  Ironically buoyed by an accident that turned his life upside down, Peta brings a fresh and inventive viewpoint to handicapping baseball and among other unique MLB revelations, offers up a sampling of his best team totals bets for 2012 through the prism of "cluster luck".  Then, it's part two of the 2012 Fantasy Baseball Preview, as Paul Sporer gives his most overvalued and undervalued skill position players for this week's draft and/or auction, on Tuesday's Betting Dork (March 27, 2012).