TiSB: Femme Fatale

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TiSB: Femme Fatale

You know her from the forums as TarainSC, and today, she and host Dan Bebe break down NBA, College Hoops, the Oscars, and even Super Bowl commercial betting! It's about darn time a member of the fairer sex had the stomach for Pregame.com, and "Today in Sports Betting" was lucky enough to snag Tara for 40 minutes of insight on hoops, awards, and talking babies - check it out! (February 8, 2011)

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  • Good sh*t, right Brian?  Most replied-to podcast-thread in Pregame's history, I think...

  • Finally got to reading this blog... LOVE IT!!!!

  • Razor, I've been waiting months for you to ask of a picture of me. What the hell?!

  • Thanks razor! Picture, huh? What if it's a disappointment?

  • nice job on the podcast.  RBF wants a picture to go with that voice.  

    good luck w/ the roundballs Tara.

    after all this time, I thought your name was Tarain, and not until I listened did I come to the understanding of Tara in SC.  I know I'm a dumb Arky............

    You GO girl & GL.

  • Dan- What a discussion! I must say I could tell you enjoyed every moment and really asked the perfect questions. I've always wondered what was in the minds of female handicappers, as they seem to either be "in the closet" or like "whooping cranes" and yet you not only found one, but did a marvelous job of interviewing her. I was impressed by her basic knowledge  and her drive to win, and  if she sticks to it, as I'm sure she will, she just might go pro! I'm really listening today, a day late as I was swamped yesterday, but I'm glad I did. Again, great job!


    Harry Begg

  • DavidWells, you're such a meanie.

  • I had a real busy day yesterday. I saw this title for the blog and was confused. I will listen tonight and hopefully Tara has some advice to get my wife to watch more sports with me haha.

  • PS63-- I wish I could have.  Bruce Pearl's apparently was not too motivating.  Big wiff with CBB, but we did fairly well on NBA.  If i had let Dan talk me into that Grizzlies pick, would have been even better.

  • Sorry, wrong blog.

  • Free money? Baseball is around the corner. Have an idea where I might put it to use.

  • Tara, you might want to hit the Tennessee locker room and give them a halftime speech. They could use some help tonight.

  • Moachist has like 20 followers, but this thing is gonna get tweeted.  Moachist digs Dan Bebe, so out it goes.

  • nobody is tweeting the podcast links, we all have better things to do with our lives.

  • I  hope all these responses mean that you guys are tweeting the podcast link?!