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What is the "Pregame.TV Videos" tab on

The Pregame.TV Videos tab contains current videos on the latest sports betting related topic.  Featuring, Pregame Pros, guests, and RJ Bell, Pregame.TV covers the topics that you really care about in a fun, easy to access format. 



How do I see the full description of the videos?

Clicking on the Title from the list view will open the Content view on  Here you will see the full title and full description of the video.

Can I play a video on my mobile device?

Yes.  Clicking on the title while in Content view will launch your device's native video player (e.g., YouTube App) and the video will stream directly to your device. 

How can I share this information with a friend or post it to my facebook?

While on the "Content" page of any tab you will see the Share Button (Share Button) on the bottom right-hand corner of your mobile browser.  Clicking the share button will open the "Sharing" tabs: Share Example


From the Sharing tabs you may choose to:

  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on Facebook
  • Send via Email
  • Send via SMS (text messaging)
  • or Cancel

Additional logons to you facebook or twitter accounts may be required.

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