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What is the "Latest Talk" tab on

The "Latest Talk" tab displays a list of the last 30 posts to the forums and blogs. 

 What is included in the Latest Talk list?

The posts' title and a snippet from the description are displayed while in List View. 



Can I see the entire post?

Clicking on the Title opens the Latest Talk Content View and displays the entire post. 

 Can I see the entire thread?

Clicking on the "Title" while in Content View launches a new browser and opens the thread on the site. 

How can I easily return to  

To return to the PregameMobile site, click the link at the top of the page that says, "Mobile version of this content for your phone at (click now to access)".

How can I share this information with a friend or post it to my facebook?

While on the "Content" page of any tab you will see the Share Button (Share Button) on the bottom right-hand corner of your mobile browser.  Clicking the share button will open the "Sharing" tabs: Share Example


From the Sharing tabs you may choose to:

  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on Facebook
  • Send via Email
  • Send via SMS (text messaging)
  • or Cancel

Additional logons to you facebook or twitter accounts may be required.


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