San Diego Padres never say die!

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San Diego Padres never say die!

I've said it countless times before in my time on, and i'm going to say it one last time: The San Diego Padres are playing out their season the way any true fan of the game would ask for! Because of what they've shown me the 2nd half of the season, the Padres are my fall back  team!

Take tonight as yet another example of a team showing their true colors. The Padres had just wrapped up a 4 game set against the Pirates last night in Pittsburgh. Last nights game went 11 innings, with the Padres prevailing for yet another series win, 3 games to 1. After the completion of the extra inning affair, they had to travel to Colorado for a game tonight. Colorado meanwhile had a day off before the series with the Padres.

So what happened tonight? Yes the Rockies won the game, but how about digging a bit deeper into the box score. This Padres team put up 4 runs in the 9th inning, before losing 10-11.  So what does this tell you and what's the point of all this??

Simply to make sure that you always have a go to team that you know inside and out, regardless of the situation. It's unrealistic to be able to follow all teams in the major sports constantly, even though that's what i attempt to do! But having 1 team that you know inside and out will only help the bottom line, your bankroll!

In this specific case regarding the Padres, i know that they are continually being undervalued by the betting public.  I know that this team has shown a ton of heart and character, and they consistently bring only their best effort each and every night.  Because of this, i know that they will be in games that they have no business to be involved in. This character is why this team has won 7 of their last 8 series. It's why they've been able to win 11 of their past 17 games as underdogs. It's why they've won 6 of their last 8 games when listed as an underdog of +175 and greater. I think you are starting to get the picture.

In closing, i'm telling you guys to always have your fall back team that you know inside and out. It can only help you in this vast field called sports betting. Lastly, i ask each of you that read this to respond back and let me know who your go to team is and why! Until next time......

  • goodfellow sent me over with a code for today and

    tomorrow and i put it in but it didnt take it but the

    padres and chargers are my teams,i go to charger

    games sometimes love to party down there.good

    fellows game might have started ill try tomorrow and

    i can push it thru.Good Luck Partner

  • Hookster--I am pulling for your PADRES to get it done--and make it into the playoffs--Gonna be VERY interesting finish, for sure!

  • What year is it by the way ? I better go back to bed.

    But i'am ok with san diego!

  • Mike I dont know what to say,but everytime i bet on

    the cubs, ILOSE. And when I look at the board it seems

    like everybody is on the cubs.Almost everyday i tell

    myself Iam not taking the cubs today,But then i do and

    I lose. This time i mean it Iam not betting the cubs the

    rest of the year.Maybe its me because i follow you every

    day,SO you bet and I,ll lay off and maybe that will help

    both of us. I think its me.

  • Mike, you think MD can cover the 10pt Spread on Duke?

  • I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that almost their entire team is playing for a job next year... they're all triple A players...

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