Kentucky Derby Recap: How I turned $104 into $2305

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Kentucky Derby Recap: How I turned $104 into $2305



For seasoned Horse Players this article may seem like old news but for the casual Horse Bettor this is a must read...

The Triple Crown Races always present huge overlays for the sharp bettor. In fact some of the biggest scores have been made on Kentucky Derby Day and the other Triple Crown Races. The reason that sharp horse players love to bet the these big races so hard is because of the inflated betting pools.

You see these 3 Races are Events not just Horse races and that's what makes betting these races the best money making opportunities in all of sports betting. Let me explain. The Kentucky Derby is as Big of an event as the Super Bowl. Everyone wants to bet the Super Bowl so they can have action when they watch the event. It's natural you want to feel that rush when you watch. The Super Bowl is the most bet sporting bet in the world. But all that extra money doesn't present you the opportunity to make more money. You may get your team at a better line because so many people are betting the favorite and you are now getting +3.5 points instead of +3. Sure that helps you but at the end of the day when you bet your $110 and win all you are going to win is $100.

With the Triple Crown Races you can make a really big score for a small amount of money. In horse racing the money bet goes into the betting pool and all of that money (after the track takes it's cut) is then divided by the winning ticket holders. So the more bet the bigger the payoffs can and will be.

With so many people betting just because they want to watch the race they are putting money into this pool and frankly most of these people know nothing about horse racing so their money is referred to as dead money as they really have no shot of picking a winning exacta or trifecta unless it's pure dumb luck (they hit their lucky number). So all of the extra money just increases the pie that the actual winners are going to divide up and we all know the bigger the pie the bigger slice we all get.

So in comparison betting the Super Bowl you still only win what you wager the odds are set but with the Triple Crown Races the sky's the limit.

How I turned $104 into $2,305

In this year's Kentucky Derby I advised my clients to bet 2 horses Win-Place-Show one of those horses was Animal Kingdom who won and paid 43.80 - 19.60 - 13.00 so a $2 wager across the board (Win-Place-Show) would have netted 76.40 for a $6 investment. $20 across the board a $60 investment would have returned $764.

But the real money is and was made in the Exacta's & Trifecta's where you pick the first & second place finisher in the exacta and in trifecta you pick the first 3 finishers.

Here's what I told my clients to do it cost them $104 to bet exactly what I said and for their $104 investment it returned $2,305 and this is thanks to the inflated betting pool with all that dead money.


#16 ANIMAL KINGDOM  Win-Place-Show

$1 Exacta Box  1-8-15-16-19 = $20
$1 Ex Wheel  15-16-19/ 1-8-12-13-15-16-19 = $18
$1 Ex Wheel  1-8-12-13-15-16-19 / 15-16-19 = $18
$1 Trifecta Wheel  8-15-16-19 / 8-15-16-19 / 1-8-13-15-16-19 = $48

My betting attack was more aggressive because I knew if we won our payoff would justify the money spent. You see in a normal horse race I would not bet so many combinations because a normal betting pool would not generate enough money to show long term profits betting the race that deep. But the Triple Crown Races do so don't be afraid to but those extra horses in your wagering strategy when betting these special races.

The Exacta returned $329 while the $1 Trifecta returned $1,976

Those not familiar with this type of betting strategies here's the low down a Exacta Box is taking a group of horses and putting them together we did a 5 horse box with meant as long as 2 of those 5 horses finished 1st & 2nd we win.

The second wager was a Exacta wheel where we put a certain number of horses to finish 1st. In our bet we had 3 horses on top meaning one of those 3 had to win the race. We then had those same 3 horses and 4 other horses in the second spot meaning any of those 7 horses could finish 2nd. It gives us more chances to hit the exacta. The more horses you use the more the Bet will cost you but again because of the inflated pool you can afford to bet a ticket with more combinations that increase your chance of winning.

Finally the last bet is the Trifecta which is the same concept as the exacta but we had a third group of horses to run 3rd in the race. If you hit all 3 your payout will be huge as it was in this year's Kentucky Derby because our $48 bet brought back $1976.

If you want to be a smart bettor take advantage of great money making opportunities when they present themselves. The Triple Crown Races always provide that opportunity. If you don't know anything about horses seek the advice of a professional.

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Here's is a Video that talks about Betting the Triple Crown Races


  • I read this a few months ago and have been waiting to see something come up on your page, Marco.  Do you offer any picks on the Derby?

  • Potteryman,

    I grew up on Harness Racing as the Racetrack in Pittsburgh The Meadows was and still is a Harness Track. My love of going to The Meadows with my Dad as a kid made me buy my first horse in 1986 and have owned, raced and bred horses ever since. So yes I do cap Harness Races as well but honestly for betting purposes and making Big Money nothing in Harness Racing presents the Money Making Opportunities that The Triple Crown presents to bettors.

  • Marco - I appreciate you including your Derby picks in with your baseball package.  That was very nice!  Thanks!

  • He placed my bets also :)

  • I beg to differ with cubfan23 when you state P6 did well that day but missed the Derby. I bet the 5 horses he posted (not afraid to post the amount bet) 20.00 each to win plus 20 on Twinspired which cost me 120.00 and cashed 438.80. Netting 318.80 on the Deby. P6 posted his 5 favorite horses early Sat. morning for all and everyone to see free like he does all the time. P6 is an open book and I may not have it down to the exact penny but P6's ROI from the first of the year is over 91,000.00. He's proven without a shadow of a doubt IMHO that he has no eaqual when it comes to capping the ponies. Props to Marco if he sold this package but I don't think it's fair to say P6 didn't hit the Deby when he actually did.

     Marco on another note didn't I read at one time where you used to cap the Harness Races/ I thought I saw that somewhere and would be interested in seeing you do that once in awhile for some of us.

  • Now marco how much is a unit for you? I am like that too my friends always ask me how much i bet or how much i won, but i would really love to know what the Pros like u v.runner,Shaker,Hook,goodfella and others all bet for units. You guys bet $100 each unit? $500 each unit $1,000 each unit or more? can u give us a hint??? Would love to know

  • No Limit ...let's just say Marco will be eating pretty well deep into the

    Cubfan23 I never really discuss actual $ amount wagered but I will discuss in units and everyone's units are different.. Personally I bet 1/2 of a unit on WPS on each horse which had me risking 3 units total.

  • Oh, and by the way, very nice picks, Sir.  

    I followed P6 most of the day.  He missed the Derby but did very well on the other races.

  • Just wondering how much you personally bet WPS on the two horses?

  • $2,305

    How many buffets does that equal?  Nice job.