The $45,000 Seat Change

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The $45,000 Seat Change



I was at Red Rock Casino last night playing poker and watching the BCS National Championship Game. Red Rock is part of the Stations family of casinos. Stations has what is known as the Jumbo Hold'em Poker Bad Beat Jackpot.

The Jackpot starts at $150,000 and grows until it is hit. A qualifying bad beat is quad 10's or better getting beat. So now that you know the rules let's set the story.

Guy in seat #10 gets up to cash out. Guy in seat #6 says to dealer he wants to move to seat #10 after the dealer button passes seat #10 so he doesn't have to post the blinds again. A new player a young girl in mid to late 20's comes to sit down. She begins to sit in seat 10 but the dealer tells her she has to wait 3 hands because Seat 6 wants that seat.

Finally the seat change happens and the older guy late 60's early 70's takes his new seat in the 10 position and the young girl sits down in seat #6.

Four hands later the magical hand occurs. The flop comes down 10J10 with 2 spades. The board checks around there are 4 players in the hand. The turn is the 6 of spades. Girl in seat 4 bets out, girl in seat 6 raises it folds back to girl in Seat 4 who moves ALL IN. Girl in Seat 6 snap calls. Seat 6 has quad 10's and girl in seat 4 has Q9 of spades for the flush….but we still have the river card and it's the King of spades for a straight flush.

The girl in seat 6 is shocked as the dealer yells Straight Flush High High sorry you just lost but you won $45,000….. The girl had no reaction she didn't know or understand what just happened and what the bad beat jackpot was… It took about a minute for her to believe she just won $45,000. The girl who had the straight flush got $30,000 and everyone playing poker at that moment in all Stations casinos got a player share of $326.

Everyone was clapping & cheering in the poker room all but one person who didn't say a word the rest of the night. The old guy who moved from seat 6 to seat 10 as just 4 hands ago that was his seat and would have been his $45,000.

I have to say I never saw a more sick look on someone's face that he had on his face….

So I guess the moral of the story is the grass always isn't greener on the other side…Think twice before you make that seat change…because you just never know!!

  • seriously if that was me i'd never play another hand....

    you win, my friend, BEST BAD BEAT STORY EVER!!!

  • Almost every single substantial bad beat jack-pot I've ever seen hit , Almost always was hit by a tourist "passing" thru town LoL ....

  • I got to say I really felt bad for the guy as he looked like someone that really could of used a score like that.... Can you image when he got home and his wife asked him so how did poker go did you have fun???

  • Sounds like my luck...... when my ship comes in I'll probably be at the airport.............

  • he shouldnt feel bad.. that hand never happens if he moves immediately or if he stayed in seat 6.

  • Oh my god. That sounds like something that would happen to me! Ha. Then again, I wouldn't be 'that guy' that wanted to move seats just to avoid the blinds. That's just a dirty move, IMO.

  • thanks for that story jd said CLASSIC...

  • OUCH!!