Phil Jackson Insults Celtics during Timeout

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Phil Jackson Insults Celtics during Timeout

Phil Jackson may be the Zen Master but what was he thinking making the comments he made during the timeout knowing the TV mics were running. Nothing like giving the Boston Celtics bulletin board material for Game 6. The Los Angeles Lakers return home for Game 6 with their backs against the wall.

Watch the Video of what Phil Jackson said during the timout...

Click here for Video 

Do you think Jackson's comments will fire up the Celtics? 

  • If you need bulletin board material to get fired up for a NBA finals game then your in bad shape anyway.

  • Haha you are right about Van Gundy, X that would be funny

    as hell

  • I agree with Tony!!!!  This shows you how calm and collective he is during high pressure imagine if it was Vangundy of Orlando in that huddle???   Now that will be entertaining. LOL

  • He is simply stating a fact and keeping his guys in the game big deal in my mind.  I am sure no coach in any sport is going into a huddle on a timeout and praising the other team....much ado about nothing in my opinion.  

  • If I was Doc Rivers I would play that soundbite for the

    Celtics before game 6 a d then again in the 4th quarter

  • I thought it was pretty funny, actually.