Pittsburgh Steelers trade Santonio Holmes to Jets

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Pittsburgh Steelers trade Santonio Holmes to Jets

What in the world is going on in Steeler Country. The Pittsburgh Steelers have traded Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes to the NY Jets for basically a Ham Sandwich...The Steelers are getting a 5th Round pick?

This off season has been a bad one for the Black and Gold as the Steelers image has taken a beating. Does Santonio Holmes off the field problems justify the Steelers cutting him lose for next to nothing in return.

Holmes has been in and out of the Steelers doghouse ever since he arrived in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh has always been a no nonsense organization and this move clearly sends a message that the Steelers want to repair their image. Holmes caught 79 passes for over 1,200 yards and 5 TD's last season.

Holmes was involved in a incident in Florida where a woman says Holmes threw a glass at her in a night club. Holmes is also facing a 4 Game suspension from the league for violation of the league's substance abuse policy.

The big question left now is what do the Steelers do about Big Ben as he awaits his fate for off season night club antics of his own. It's much easier to send a message with a troubled WR in the last year of his current contract than it is with your star QB in the middle of a 100 million dollar long term contract.

Clearly this was a statement from the Steelers that enough is enough.

What do you guys think were the Steelers right to give Holmes away for nothing.

  • I posted  in the Forums already Marco. Personally flat sick and tired of being in the headlines for character issues. The Steelers are built on integrity and bring your lunch box to work mentality. That is how and what has brought the city 6 rings. This crap belongs out West not in our organization.  Screw the fact we get a 5th round pick, the message is worth more than that. Someone will step up, they always do-Professionals.  Ben is lucky he didn't get charged and Tomlin needs to straighten crap out. Kinda passionate, so sorry if I crossed any boundaries!!

    As far as the Trade I feel the NYJ are a good futures wager!